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Get better, faster, at the games you love

Looking to achieve your goals, crush your enemies, and make your friends suuuper jealous? We're here to help

  • Aimlab PC VALORANT advanced training; with many more games to come

  • Unlimited access to courses, guides, pros, coaches, and training options in Aimlab PC

  • Ad-free on Take that, cookies

  • Introductory pricing: $9.99/mo (normally $12.99)

Valorant Training Preview

Get to the next level in VALORANT with personalized game-specific training.

Unlike your solo queue teammates, we’ve got your back.

  • VALORANT maps recreated one-to-one in Aimlab PC

  • Advanced Game-Specific analysis such as Crosshair Placement scoring and 3D visualization - never miss an easy headshot again!

  • Run It Back: our most mind-blowing feature. Learn from mistakes by replaying your VALORANT deaths inside Aimlab. Train, have fun, get revenge

  • All-new Deathmatch Mode - stop “warming up” by getting shot in the back

  • Premium metrics in StatsCenter like in-round win expectancy, and recommended tasks in Aimlab PC based on your gameplay

What is Aimlabs?

Watch Pro Courses & Bootcamps

Learn from the pros with our original courses and bootcamps, made exclusively by gaming legends. Watch hundreds of lessons and previously recorded expert bootcamps for free!

Membership PerksIn addition to an ad-free viewing experience, members get exclusive early access (up to 90 days) before new courses are released, as well as the ability to attend expert bootcamps live and interact with the pros!

Valorant Training Preview
Screen capture of gameplay analysis

Get In-Depth Gameplay Analysis

It is hard to improve without understanding what you could be doing wrong. Out of position? Playing with the wrong friends? Better in some lineups or maps compared to others? Get unlimited gameplay analysis and match recaps in Valorant for free (more games coming soon)!

Membership PerksEver wish you could go back in time and fix something you did wrong? Now you can. Members get unlimited access to the new ‘Run it Back’ feature that allows you to replay your Valorant deaths directly in the Aimlab PC aim trainer Exclusive advanced gameplay analytics and warm-up modes are also available to members in Aimlab PC - and of course no ads!

Customize. Connect. Make Your Friends Jealous.

Create and edit your profile to show off unlocked achievements. Share your best scores and replays directly from the Aimlab PC aim trainer! Customize your feed by following hashtags, coaches, and creators for quick access to the tips you care about most. Give and receive cool awards for awesome posts and shared replays.

Membership PerksNo more sponsored post ads in your video feed, 400 monthly credits to spend on awards as well as discounts on the avatar marketplace (coming soon)!

Valorant Training Preview
Valorant Training Preview

Learn anything via Bounties

Why did I die? What should I have done in this situation instead? Was the enemy cheating? With our new bounty system, you will never have to post these questions on Reddit for randos to answer ever again. Instead, create a bounty, attach a video, and get quick answers from top experts and pros personalized for you.

Don’t want to post your own bounty? Nervous to share your own gameplay? No problem. Public bounties allow everyone to learn as a community via the feed.