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Dusk Runners: Aimlabs Ranked Season 2

Welcome To Ranked Seasons 2: Dusk Runners!

Today marks the beginning of Dusk Runners, the second of Aimlabs Ranked Seasons! Ranks are reset, new leaderboards are ready to be conquered, fresh rewards are ready to be claimed, and best of all there’s an absolutely banging new tune to accompany your sessions.

Dusk Runners is this season’s theme: it’s a love letter to the 80’s – capturing the nostalgia of dazzling neon lights and retro arcades while watching the sun set on an infinite cityscape as palm trees sway in the cool breeze.

The first season had such an amazing reaction from the Aimlabs community that we have huge hopes for Season 2!

How It Works

Aimlabs Ranked Season 2: Dusk Runners Welcome SCreen

The way Aimlabs Ranked Seasons 2 works is pretty simple: 

  • There are three categories of tasks to play: flicking, tracking, and switching. 
  • You need to play three tasks in each category to establish your rank. 
  • There are 9 ranks – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Master, and the ever-elusive Grandmaster (See the distribution of ranks from Season 1).
  • You have 3 months to master the tasks and grind your way up the leaderboards!

To dig into some more details, including full task descriptions, check out the notes for season 2 on our Steam page.

All New Rewards

Aimlabs Ranked Seasons 2 has all-new rewards to compete for, including a new avatar, banner, and titles. Not to mention the opportunity to laud it over your friends and enemies by climbing the ranks and leaderboards. The best way to show your skills? Share your incredible Dusk Runner themed player card, of course!

Start Playing Ranked Seasons 2 Today!

Download Aimlabs (for free!) from Epic or Steam and start playing Aimlabs Ranked Season numero dos right now 🙂