Pro Neon Strategies for Valorant Ranked

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ProGuidesPosted on: Mar 24, 2023, 3:30 PM UTC

Top Neon Strategies from Immortal Players for Ranked Valorant Games

Though Neon once boasted an incredibly powerful kit in the professional scene, she can sometimes struggle in ranked matches. Fear not, as we're here to share invaluable Neon insights to help you excel in solo queue play!


1. Knowing When to Save Your Utility Can Make All the Difference:

Playing Neon in Valorant can be a thrilling experience, given her potent and dynamic kit. However, the key to truly mastering this agent is understanding when NOT to use her abilities. It's easy to get swept up in the excitement and deploy her utility at every opportunity, but sometimes restraint can be more advantageous. If you're in a situation where using an ability would be excessive or if you need to save resources for a later encounter, don't hesitate to hold back. By waiting for the opportune moment to unleash her abilities, you'll catch enemies off guard and secure victory.

When using Neon's abilities, players must momentarily put their weapons away, which leaves them exposed to enemy fire. Striking the right balance between deploying her utility and capitalizing on it is crucial for mastering this challenging agent.Remember, just because you can bounce a stun off a wall to cover an angle doesn't mean you always should. You might inadvertently hinder your team or leave a small gap that you didn't anticipate, resulting in your death. Similarly, deploying her wall and sprinting up an area without a weapon can make you an easy target if an enemy swings around the corner. To avoid such pitfalls, patience and careful planning are essential.


2. Visualize Utility Placement for Effective Site Takes with Neon:

Building on the previous tip, another crucial aspect of mastering Neon is having a well-thought-out plan for your utility usage. To optimize her abilities, create a mental map of where and how to use them when taking a site, in sync with your team's approach. By envisioning the ideal deployment of your utility before the round begins, you'll be better prepared to adapt to changing circumstances and maximize your kit's potential. Pre-planning your utility usage can mean the difference between a failed push and a triumphant site capture, making it an essential consideration when playing Neon.

Neon excels in solo queue when paired with agents that complement her aggressive playstyle, such as Breach, Kayo, and Skye. Unlike Jett, who has a dash to escape danger, Neon lacks immediate self-protection. To ensure her success, she needs to be set up strategically before attempting a site take. Top Neon players recognize that her gameplay isn't just about constant action; it's about knowing when to pause, regroup, and then charge ahead again.


3. Hone Your Skills with Neon's Movement and Sliding Mechanic:

Our third tip focuses on mastering the art of Neon's movement. As the fastest agent in Valorant with her High Gear (E) activated, Neon has unparalleled rotation and attack speed, as well as tremendous outplay potential when her movement is expertly controlled.

To leave your opponents disoriented, it's vital to understand every aspect of Neon's E ability. Most players are aware that she can slide in any direction, including backwards, which can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations or serve as a surprising jiggle peek into a slide maneuver.

The true secret, however, lies in utilizing her exceptional speed and movement to outpace opponents and escape precarious situations. It's seldom necessary to draw your knife as Neon, as her E ability propels her even faster. Employing her E to dodge abilities such as stuns, dogs, and molotovs can be game-changing. Becoming comfortable with Neon's high-velocity playstyle and maximizing its potential is the core of her kit.


4. Optimal Setups Enhance Neon's Performance:

The fourth tip delves into choosing the right situation to pick Neon in your games. While this advice is more applicable to higher ranks, where agent compositions and synergies become increasingly significant, understanding Neon's weaknesses benefits anyone looking to improve.

Neon thrives when she has ample setup before engaging in combat. Once she enters a bombsite, there's no easy way out, and she lacks a safety net. Pairing Neon with agents who hinder or discourage enemies from retaliating is ideal. Breach, Skye, Kayo, and Astra are excellent examples of agents who can complement Neon's playstyle. A secondary flashing duelist can also prove advantageous in a Neon-centric team composition.

By combining well-suited agent picks with effective communication and precise timing, you'll have the opposing team contemplating a forfeit in no time.


5. Mastering Neon's Wall for Safety and Effectiveness:

Now let's discuss a vital aspect of Neon's kit—her iconic wall ability. As an agent who excels at creating space during combat, Neon's "fast lane" is the primary tool that allows her to do so securely. When activated, the wall generates a narrow pathway flanked by two barriers, designed to offer cover and safe entry to a site. However, experienced Neon players understand that this is not always the case. Since the removal of the wall's damage feature, enemies face minimal risk when challenging it, which could result in Neon and her teammates being eliminated. Despite its drawbacks, mastering the wall is crucial for Neon mains seeking a competitive edge.

Many players may not realize that the wall originates from a central projectile that Neon throws when activating the ability. To maximize safety, always look for the most secure way to cast the wall, such as over walls, objects, or through windows. But be cautious—even after the wall is in place, danger still looms. While it's tempting to activate your E and rush to the opposite end of the bombsite, this tactic often leads to defeat. Instead, stay prepared for enemies to challenge your wall, potentially turning their perceived easy kill into a frag in your favor.


6. Capitalize on Shotguns with Neon, Especially on Smaller Maps:

The sixth tip highlights the powerful synergy between Neon and shotguns, often considered the most despised weapon class in Valorant. Neon's kit is tailor-made for closing the distance quickly and effectively, making shotguns an ideal fit for her playstyle. Her slide ability allows her to maintain accuracy while moving, and her wall offers essential cover during her advance. Moreover, her stun ability can disorient enemies, creating opportunities to strike.Neon can effectively wield a Judge, Shorty, or Bucky in almost any round. However, the most opportune moments to use shotguns are during the pistol and bonus rounds. Since the Shorty costs only 150 credits, Neon can arm herself with a shotgun and light shield during the pistol round. Then, in the second round, she can opt for the deadly Judge during the bonus round. If you haven't been utilizing shotguns with Neon, consider this a sign to start.


7. Employ Strategic Stuns to Isolate Fights:

The seventh tip focuses on rethinking the use of Neon's stuns when facing multiple opponents. Generally, when you hear enemies approaching, you should use your stun and then peek for easy eliminations. However, what if two enemies are in separate positions, making it impossible to stun both? The recommended strategy is to stun one side and peek at the unstunned player first. Many Neon players make the mistake of going for the easy frag on a stunned opponent, only to be traded by their unstunned teammate.Leverage your stuns to isolate favorable engagements and create 1v1 situations. There will be instances when your stuns affect multiple enemies, allowing you to dominate the round. The primary goal, however, is to use your stuns to delay adversaries while you engage their teammates, then swiftly turn your focus to the stunned opponents.


8. Combine Your Ultimate with Aggressive Plays for Maximum Impact:

The eighth and final tip focuses on maximizing the value of Neon's ultimate, Overdrive. Players' opinions on this ability can vary greatly—some believe it's the most potent ultimate in the game, while others argue that a Shorty is more effective.

The primary challenge with Neon's ultimate lies not in its usage but in determining when and where to activate it. Unlike Jett's ultimate, the countdown for Neon's Overdrive begins immediately upon activation. Consequently, it's less reliable during eco rounds and requires strategic planning. When your ultimate is ready, whether on attack or defense, request your teammates to set up an aggressive play. This approach increases the likelihood of finding a target and prevents your ultimate from going to waste. In some cases, pairing a Breach ult with an activated Neon can result in an effortless team wipe.