Unleash Your Inner Beast: How Immortal Reyna Players Dominate Valorant Matches

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ProGuidesPosted on: Mar 21, 2023, 3:45 PM UTC

Reyna is one of the most hard-hitting agents in the game of Valorant, but her lack of utility means that she cannot assist her team unless she is actively taking down opponents. Here are our best tips from some of the best Reyna players in the world.


Tip 1) Frequently utilize off angles:

Begin by examining how Reyna can effectively use and take advantage of off angles. Off angles refer to uncommon positions or locations that can be used to engage in combat from unexpected vantage points. These angles typically lack cover or involve changes in elevation. Reyna is exceptional at fighting from such positions, as her ability to safely reposition after obtaining a kill eliminates the primary drawback other agents experience in these exposed locations. Aim to surprise enemies and capitalize on her capability to prevent being traded.

Tip 2) Optimize your Ultimate's Value:

Reyna's ultimate ability, Empress, has the potential to shift the game's momentum when utilized properly. Besides instant healing from kills, it also grants increased firing and reloading speeds. This powerful tool can be pivotal in a match. Using it when the opposing team is advancing on your team is ideal, as it enhances Reyna's firepower, healing, and safe relocation around the bomb site. Refrain from activating your ultimate in rounds where your team faces a hopeless situation. Although we all appreciate clips of an exceptional Reyna in a 1v5 scenario with her ultimate, this is a rare occurrence. There may be other instances where unleashing Reyna's full potential is beneficial, but she excels when enemies approach her rather than vice versa.

Tip 3) Develop a strategy before committing to a swing:

The third tip addresses the delicate balance between being praised as "the goat" or criticized as "trolling" when playing Reyna. With her remarkable aggressive capabilities, Reyna can compete with even pre-nerf Chamber in certain circumstances - provided she lands her shots. Embrace taking daring engagements and trust your ability to secure critical first bloods for your team. Nevertheless, a prevalent error among many Reyna players - even at higher ranks - is the lack of a plan when peeking angles.

For example, envision maintaining an assertive angle on B Main in Ascent or checking Pipes on Icebox A site. At that instant, you need to determine if you will achieve a kill and fall back or continue the confrontation. It is imperative to refrain from obtaining the initial elimination and subsequently lingering too long, thereby offering the opponent a trade opportunity. This situation is known as "defensive overheating," and the most skilled Reyna players globally are adept at circumventing it.


Tip 4) Master flash tactics and exploit blind spots:

An essential Reyna tip revolves around her unique flash ability, Leer, the sole utility not dependent on kills. Effectively using her flashes is crucial for successful plays. Unlike agents such as Phoenix, Skye, or Breach, Reyna's flashes depend on maintaining line of sight (LOS), instead of a sudden full flash. Consequently, enemies must see the flash to be blinded.

Reyna's flash distinguishes itself from others, as attacking a blinded opponent may not yield the best results. Upon being flashed, adversaries face a choice between targeting the flash or forfeiting their location. Seasoned Reyna users capitalize on this, benefiting from the enemy's decision. If the flash remains intact, they secure and maintain angles. Conversely, if the flash is destroyed, Reyna can engage and trade with the foe.

Reyna's flash differs from others, and shooting a blinded enemy may not be the best strategy. Enemies must decide whether to shoot the flash or surrender their position when affected by her flash. Skilled Reyna players exploit this situation, benefiting from the enemy's choice. If the flash remains unshot, they secure and hold angles; if shot, Reyna can trade with the enemy.

Tip 5) Refrain from immediate E or Q after kills:

For Reyna enthusiasts, tip 5 involves breaking a common bad habit: avoiding instant E and Q activation after every kill. While dismissing immediately may not appear harmful, it can expose you to a vulnerable animation, making you an easy target. Instead, take a moment to evaluate the situation post-kill. Leaving the orb on the ground offers more options and enables calculated risks without the fear of dying.

Tip 6) Merge confidence with unpredictability:

Tip 6 emphasizes experimenting and pushing boundaries with Reyna to achieve hard carrying. Reyna can execute any play as long as she is fragging effectively. Hence, learning to be aggressive and unpredictable is not only vital but also the foundation of her hard-carrying potential.

Reyna is an Agent whose design revolves around unpredictability, rather than sticking to a single site or engaging in repetitive angles each round. Her survival hinges on maintaining the element of surprise. For instance, if you play Reyna on Haven and solely focus on aggressive A short tactics, opponents will eventually counter and evade you. To maintain an edge, keep the enemy team uncertain and constantly apprehensive about your positioning.


Tip 7) Leverage teammate utility for fragging success:

Our seventh tip highlights the significance of teamwork and communication in securing victories. Active communication with your team is vital, even when playing the most self-centered character in the game. As previously noted, Reyna's limited utility can be a disadvantage, so partnering with initiators to ensure safety and provide kills can substantially enhance your performance.

Tip 8) Recognize and adapt to enemy team counters:

As we wrap up, our final tip—arguably the most difficult yet crucial one to apply—focuses on understanding Reyna's limitations in each match. With her lack of both safety utility and critical information for pre-fight preparation, it's essential to examine the enemy team composition and pinpoint effective strategies. The opposing lineup should significantly influence your plays: tactics that work well against a Sova wielding a drone and a dart may falter against a KAY/O armed with a large AOE knife and flashes.