Important Tips and Tricks for Jett

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Taylor KeitPosted on: Mar 17, 2023, 8:51 PM UTC
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Jett is a very powerful agent that most players surprisingly misuse. In this article, we’ll break down the following:

  • Best uses for Jett’s abilities

  • Standard Entry Fragging practices

  • Demonstrate how to utilize Jett's verticality

  • Discuss ways to optimize Operator usage.


The one thing everyone knows Jett for is her dash because it’s the most essential piece of utility in her kit. After her most recent nerf, Tailwind now has a brief activation period before it can be used. The moment you press E to activate your dash, you’re on a timer. And this ability is the heart of Jett’s ability kit, meaning if you waste it, you’re missing out on a lot of value.


That’s why it’s essential to know when to use your dash. The most common examples are when you know an enemy's position and you’re about to challenge, or you know you want to entry for your teammates on a certain site. Having it to either dash into your smoke, or just as a backup to take a duel and dash out if things go poorly. With your dash, seriously force yourself to think before activating this ability, and be intentional about it.

One more important tip about Jett’s dash that a lot of players don’t utilize, is that you should add a secondary key bind to this ability. My go-to choice for this is one of my mouse buttons, and here’s why. You don’t want to have to let go of any of your WASD keys to activate Tailwind. By adding a key bind to your mouse buttons you’ll be able to use it without interfering with your ability to move in any direction. This will take some getting used to, but it’s vital, especially when you have to use your dash during gunfights and other tense situations.



Speaking of her dash, one of its best use cases is to entry for your teammates. The ability to throw a cloudburst and dash into it (as shown above) provides immense value to your teammates. As Jett you shouldn’t be in the middle of the pack, but rather leading the charge, taking space, and getting entry kills.

If you find that you’re just dying with no support from your team, don’t give up on entrying, just communicate with them and ask for some help. The most valuable thing anyone can give their team in ranked is an opening to a spike site. So if you master this part of Jett, you’ll be climbing ranks in no time.



Perhaps the second strongest part of Jett’s kit is her ability to get vertical. So many Jett players don’t take advantage of this part of her kit. The reason this is important is that most players won’t have their crosshairs placed on vertical angles. The only times they’ll be ready to clear vertical angles is if they’re common angles, like on top of screens on Icebox, if they hear your updraft sound during a round, or if they get information from something like a Sova dart. I could make a whole video about the verticality of Jett, but just play around with this, and remember to use these vertical angles to switch up your holds on defense and your peeks in general.

Bladestorm & Updraft


This goes into my next point perfectly, which is talking about using your Bladestorm ultimate. First, you should almost NEVER walk with this ultimate out, unless you’re on a flank or some hidden position. The most powerful part of this ultimate is the fact that you’re hard to hit, and completely accurate while moving. 

Because you’re accurate while moving, this ability pairs super well with Updraft, so much so that there are actually some “lineups” you can use to surprise your opponents.

Here’s a video demonstrating one of these “lineups” for every competitive map:

Operator Usage

It wouldn’t be a Jett guide if I didn’t talk about the operator. Jett is arguably the best agent to op with after Chamber’s nerfs, simply because her dash gives her a lot of versatility. In my opinion, save the oping for defense, because as mentioned earlier in the article, Jett really is a great entry agent for attacking rounds.

When it comes to OPing, here are a couple of tips:

  • Focus on your economy. 

    • The Operator is expensive, and things like buying light on bonus rounds, and hard saving on light buy rounds will get you an OP more consistently.

  • Save Tailwind for aggressive peeks to dash out to safety.

  • Utilize Updraft to take unique angles to surprise your opponents with peeks they aren’t ready for.