From Iron to Radiant: Valorant Tips to Accelerate Your Rank Progression

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ProGuidesPosted on: Mar 16, 2023, 6:45 AM UTC

All you need to achieve your dream Valorant rank could be found right here. 

Valorant is one of the hardest competitive games to climb in. Below you will find our number one tips for climbing out of every single rank starting with Iron working all the way up to immortal.


Iron: Dialing in your settings is VITAL!

To climb the ranks in Valorant, mastering the basics is key, and it all starts in Iron. Many Iron players struggle due to high sensitivities or a lack of understanding of basic game mechanics. To improve, aim for a sensitivity that allows for a 180-degree turn without lifting your mouse from the pad, but also enables precise adjustments on distant targets. Adjust your mini-map settings to see the entire map, making it easier to rotate and detect enemy positions. Practice good fundamentals, such as standing still when shooting, to improve accuracy and avoid scoping unnecessarily. Checking your shooting inaccuracy setting can also help identify bad habits. Once you've found your ideal settings, improving and climbing to Bronze becomes much easier.


Bronze: Familiarize yourself with all the maps and agents.

In Bronze, understanding the game of Valorant is crucial. Familiarize yourself with your main agents and maps, so you can focus on improving other aspects of your gameplay, such as aim, communication, and movement. Choose a simple agent like Phoenix, Brimstone, Sage, Fade or Killjoy, and practice with them consistently. Knowing the safe and contested areas of the map and the enemy team's location at the start of each round will help you progress towards Silver.


Gold: Knowing how each role fits into a composition is the key to the gold climb.

Gold and Plat are often referred to as "Elo Hell" in Valorant due to chaotic and uncoordinated games. However, you can contribute enough to win if you expand your agent understanding. Learn how each agent wants to play and understand the basics of the four roles. For example, Jett gathers information and forces enemies away while Killjoy secures kills and denies important areas. It's important to know how to adjust your playstyle when facing specific agents, such as not smoking into sites against Cypher or avoiding Sova's shock darts as Killjoy. Consistent practice is still essential for climbing the ranks.


Platinum: Communication and teamplay start in plat, and sets you up for further success.

Starting to scratch the surface of higher elos, players master their personal playstyle from Gold. To bridge the gap to Diamond, learn to operate in a team environment and understand how all roles work together. Focus on mastering your role and look into what agents work best together. Don't lose your cool if teammates aren't cooperative - being a likable teammate is key. Don't command teammates every round or cry if they don't help you; instead, adapt to their playstyle. While looking for every single opportunity to improve your own gameplay.


Diamond: Starting to perfect your utility is a good start to push past diamond.

Diamond is the start of high elo in Valorant, and as you climb higher, the player ratios begin to taper off. But the key to reaching the next level and becoming an Ascendant player is related to the previous tip for Platinum players: learning how to maximize the value of your utility in each game. This means going beyond the basics of using your abilities to simply gain information or get a quick frag. At the Diamond level, you need to start thinking about how you can use your utility in conjunction with your team's strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

For example, as a Sova player, you might time your recon dart with your team's push and use lineups to reveal key areas of the bomb site. You'll also communicate important information about the dart to your team. Similarly, other agents can use their abilities in combination with their teammates' to secure easy kills and control key areas of the map.

By mastering this concept, you'll not only develop your game sense, but you'll also learn how to avoid and counter the enemy team's attacks. This will help you break through to the higher end of the Valorant ladder and become an Ascendant player. Keep in mind that this takes practice and patience, so don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results.


Ascendant: Getting the coveted immortal rank stems from dropping the ego.

The ascendant rank is the first step towards the upper echelon of Valorant players. To reach Immortal, it's essential to drop your ego and focus on identifying and improving your own mistakes instead of blaming your team. Even if you seemingly play perfectly, always analyze what you could have done better. This will help you develop good habits and become a better solo queue player and teammate. Keep in mind that players like TenZ and Yay didn't reach their rank through luck, but by practicing every day and working effectively in a team environment. Understanding your own shortcomings and working on them is the key to reaching Immortal.


Immortal: For the top dogs of Valorant climbing to Radiant is the tallest task, but is more than possible.

To climb the entire Immortal ladder, it's important to stay consistent in all aspects of the game and improve communication. Master all aspects of your game and don't take extended breaks as Valorant requires constant practice to maintain peak performance. Set goals for how many games you can play a day and ensure you're in a good headspace before playing. In Immortal, anyone can beat anyone on any given day, so a tilt-proof mindset is important. Respectable teamwork and good vibes go a long way in seeing consistent success and having good babysit skills is a plus as games are often decided by the first team to tilt.