Yoru's Secrets Revealed: The Ultimate Valorant Playbook

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ProGuidesPosted on: Mar 29, 2023, 4:50 PM UTC

Want to be the best Yoru player on the server? Start with this guide.

Yoru is a very challenging agent to master in Valorant, not just among duelists but across the board. However, with the right approach, you can overcome the learning curve and unlock the full potential of this dynamic agent.


(Gate Crash E):

Yoru's unique ability aims to keep adversaries on their toes and offers powerful repositioning possibilities. Gate Crash (E) enables Yoru to teleport to a thrown object.

Gate Crash is an incredibly adaptable tool that, when employed correctly, can deliver immense value for both offense and defense.

To effectively use this ability on offense, it's essential to wait for a safe moment. The key is to mask the sound cue by synchronizing it with other abilities like your Blind Side flash. This ability can be utilized to get straight onto the site, but its most frequent and potentially optimal use is to move into deep positions that defenders may not anticipate clearing.

On defense, the teleport can facilitate swift rotations between sites. For instance, if you set your teleport on A site and then play B site, you can rotate almost instantly to counter the attackers.

The crux of this ability is understanding that each activation, whether it's a fake or an actual use, will create confusion among the enemy team. They'll need to be aware of the general direction of your teleport sound cue, which can hinder their push and afford your team precious time.

Here are some essential points to bear in mind when using this ability:

  • Employ it strategically for site entry or rotations between sites

  • Keep your opponents uncertain with imaginative teleport usages and fakes

  • Regarding the "condition enemies" point, it may refer to conditioning opponents to expect certain patterns or behaviors. However, this contradicts the notion of keeping them guessing with varied ability usage. It's important to strike a balance between conditioning and unpredictability to maximize the effectiveness of your ability.


(Blind Side Q):

Created to complement Yoru's kit, his flashes can enhance the potency of all his other abilities.

Yoru's flashes are not only visually stunning but also produce sound when used near enemies, making them a vital tool for surprise attacks. Flashes are important since they blind the enemy, making them give up sightlines and angles. Once an enemy gives up an angle you can then take the angle for yourself to safely take space! 

On maps with longer sightlines, strategic flash setups can unlock powerful plays for your team. Yoru's flashes can be used for personal or team purposes, thrown as pop flashes or lobbed from afar. However, flashes are almost useless when the enemy team knows what's coming. So, getting flashes to pop as soon as they are visible to the enemy, or throwing them far away to mask the sound are good ways to increase their effectiveness. Using these tips means your flashes are going to gain value and allow you to be more unpredictable.

The most effective way to catch enemies off-guard is to flash directly into the floor to pop up over objects like boxes. Coordinating flash setups with Yoru's ultimate ability can give your team a strategic advantage, but be cautious of friendly fire. Communication is essential when using Yoru's flashes from another dimension


(Fakeout C):

At first glance, Yoru's clone ability may seem like a simple trick to play on your unsuspecting silver friends, but there's actually much more to it than meets the eye.

Yoru's clone ability is one of the game's most versatile and powerful tools for taking control of enemy sites. It disrupts Cypher's trips and triggers Killjoy's setup, with the resulting cone flash being one of the longest-lasting in the game. The clone rarely blinds Yoru's own team, making it a reliable way to trip up enemy agents. To use it effectively, be unpredictable, and try faking being the clone yourself. - Try to make the clone look as “human like” as possible - Use utility to help sell the fact the clone is in fact real - Consider the clone’s movement and pathing, make it path towards common enemy positions and peek like a real player would. - After conditioning opponents to NOT shoot your clone, try acting like the clone yourself. You can also strategically place it for later use, making it useful for defense or coming out of your ultimate. Yoru's utility is designed to create chaos, and the clone is one of his most potent tools. Use it wisely to maximize its impact on the game.


(Dimensional Drift X):

Yoru’s ultimate is one of the most important parts of his kit when it comes to making him work. In Yoru’s ultimate his role on a team changes from a duelist to a sort of initiator.

The reason Yoru has some initiator questions is since his ultimate provides undeniable information, unlike something like a sova drone that can be shot before clearing out a site. Yoru’s ult reveals all of the defense or attackers' plans with little to no risk for Yoru or his team. When in Yoru’s ult you can now use all of your abilities. This allows you to flash for your team at any angle, send the clone out of smokes to create disruption and you can use your gate crash to gain information about an area then relocate instantly with your team or to begin a lerk.

When using the ultimate you want to avoid coming out of it near enemies since your gun takes so long to equip out of it. Make sure to come out of your ultimate behind cover or after flashing where you can then follow up with your clone to sell the idea it's actually the real Yoru.   


Decision making with Yoru:

Here are some top general tips for your solo queue games:

  • Exercise patience as Yoru; don't rush plays until you condition the enemy

  • Evade predictability in using your utility, particularly with teleportation and clone abilities

  • Combine abilities to enhance the clone's believability, such as flashing for the clone or requesting team support

  • Position teleport strategically to secure frags and retreat to safety after inflicting damage and gaining an advantage

  • Recognize when to utilize utility and when to have your gun ready for combat

  • Capitalize on Yoru's global presence by keeping your location unknown to the enemy team

  • Master Yoru's kit to contribute value to your team, including gate crash lineups and flash mechanics

  • Study top players for flash lineups and unique spots to surprise opponents