Rocket League

Taking the concept of Soccer to high octane vertical heights, Rocket League is a completely unique take on the sports game genre. Players drive, fly and flip their way around the arena to score explosive goals in 3vs3 competition.



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GarrettG Teaches Pro Competitive Rocket League

Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon is a 4-time North American Rocket League champion and Season 8 World Champion. He's known for his leadership, consistency and technical mastery of both air and ground play. In this course, he'll break down how Rocket League is played at the highest level and teach you how to aerial, dribble, and shoot like a pro.

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Fruity Teaches Rocket League Fundamentals

Emil "Fruity" Moselund is a top Rocket League pro from Denmark that has made a name for himself with multiple first place finishes in Europe's Rocket League Championship Series. In this course, he'll teach you all the fundamental skills you'll need to succeed in Rocket League including how to manage your boost, manipulate the ball, and control your car.