Recon Legends

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Recon Legends

Public release date: 12/2/22

Recon legends offer information to their teammates through utility and scanning survey beacons. In this playlist, you'll learn each of the recon legends and how to play them proficiently.

  • Vantage Guide

    A sniping specialist who joined Apex Legends in Season 14, Vantage can echo relocate her way in and out of position in time to open up a fight with a burst of damage or displace after taking a few shots. In this Legend Guide, we've provided you with the information needed to mark your targets and pick off the competition.

  • Seer Guide

    Lesson 2

    Seer is a great fit for the player who wants to know who, what and where their opponents are. With our Legend Guide, you will learn how to use Seer to keep track of all of the opponents around you and your teammates with your flurry of micro-drones.

  • Crypto Guide

    Lesson 3

    Combining the powerful tool of surveillance with the utility of a remote drone that can do it all, Crypto can be an extremely useful addition to your team composition. Using our Legend Guide, you will learn a variety of ways to maximize the value of Crypto’s unique kit and how to efficiently utilize his drone.

  • Bloodhound Guide

    The original recon legend who ruthlessly tracks down his enemies while pushing the tempo, Bloodhound can overwhelm their enemies and tip the scales in the favor of your team. Check out our Legend Guide to get the breakdown on the nuances of Bloodhound’s passive tracking as well as the best uses for their abilities.

  • Pathfinder Guide

    Do not let the recon classification sell this legend short, because Pathfinder’s kit is far different than every other legend in the recon class. This Legend Guide will teach you how to use Pathfinder’s insider information to get an edge over your opponents, while also explaining how to swing your way through the most challenging encounters.