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Valorant Agent Guides

Public release date: 11/30/22

Every Agent in Valorant is unique and brings their own flavor to a match. It's important to understand every agent in order to play them well and face them on the enemy team. This playlist will provide you with guides for some of the popular agents in Valorant.

  • Killjoy Guide

    Designed for zone denial and the ability to lock down a site with her abilities, Killjoy’s kit thrives in defensive scenarios. With this Killjoy Guide, you will learn a multitude of ways to use her abilities, and how to find success by shutting down your opponents.

  • Yoru Guide

    Lesson 2

    Often seen as a challenging agent who requires a high cost of entry for an aspiring player, Yoru can be a great pick with the right comprehension of his abilities. Our Yoru Guide will provide you with an overall understanding of the duelist, while also offering the tips and tricks that you would expect to see from a more experienced Yoru player.

  • Fade Guide

    Lesson 3

    Armed with a kit built around the fears of her opponents, Fade is a powerful initiator who can leave defenders in a site scrambling for cover or frantically firing into the shadows. In this Fade Guide, you will learn how to utilize Fade in a number of situations, enabling you to strike fear in the hearts of every opponent on the server.

  • Skye Guide

    Lesson 4

    If you are looking for an agent with a well-balanced kit that can leave the opposing team hopelessly blind all while healing up your teammates and gathering information, Skye is the perfect fit. This Agent Guide will teach you how to use her flashes, dogs, and seekers to get your team into a spike site and give them the information and crowd control they need to eliminate opponents.

  • Sova Guide

    Lesson 5

    Information can be a game changer in a match, and with abilities providing reconnaissance that can shut down a rush on defense or expose the setups of the defenders in a site, Sova can be a very powerful agent. Using our Sova Guide, you will learn how to make the best use of Sova’s drone and dart without needing to drill lineups for hours before matches.

  • Jett Guide

    Lesson 6

    With smokes, mobility, verticality, and deadly accurate blades that can turn the tides of a post-plant scenario late into a round, Jett is a duelist who also serves as a gauge for a teammate or opponent's skill level. This Jett Guide will help you improve your Jett gameplay, letting allowing it to do all the talking during the inevitable discussion after a teammate asks: “Why did you lock in Jett?”