Defensive Legends

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Defensive Legends

Public release date: 12/5/22

Defensive legends fortify areas or deploy cover to make areas safer for their squad to navigate. In this playlist, you'll learn each of the defensive legends and how to play them effectively.

  • Catalyst Guide

    Newly added to Apex Legends for Season 15, Catalyst uses ferrofluid-based abilities to maniuplate the competition. While a new legend may seem overwhelming to learn, this Legends Guide will give you the crash course that you need to make the most of the latest addition to the roster.

  • Newcastle Guide

    Half man, half mobile bunker, Newcastle joined the Apex Legends roster in Season 13 bringing a ton of defensive capabilities. If you are looking to maximize your mobility, protection, and support skills while playing Newcastle, our Legends Guide has you covered.

  • Wattson Guide

    The ultimate static defender with the ability to fortify areas utilizing electrified fences as well as an ultimate that can destroy incoming projectiles, Wattson is the true definition of the defensive classification. Our Legend Guide will give you the rundown on Wattson’s abilities, her passive, and all of the tips you could need to use her kit effectively.

  • Caustic Guide

    Armed with gas traps and a grenade that leave the opposition stumbling through the haze and directly into his clutches, the Toxic Trapper Caustic is the perfect legend to control the crowd in each match. With this Legend Guide, you will learn everything needed to blanket the battlefield in toxic gas that you and your teammates can walk through to victory.

  • Gibraltar Guide

    The original walking fortress of the Apex Legends roster, Gibraltar is every bit the mountain that he is named after. Using our Legend Guide, you will learn everything you need to know in order to drop those clutch domes and disruptive bombardments.