League of Legends Tips and Tricks

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League of Legends Tips and Tricks

Public release date: 12/5/22

In a complex game like League of Legends, there's a lot of information required to perform at your best. This playlist will provide you with valuable tips and tricks to help you improve your general gameplay and start winning more games.

  • Biggest Mistakes for Every Rank

    The mistakes made at each level of play in League of Legends vary. It's important to understand some of the common mistakes made by players in your elo so you can fix them yourself and capitalize on them against your opponents.

  • Five Tips to Carry Your Games

    In League of Legends, the only variable in the game you can control is yourself. This means that it's important to understand how to carry your teammates so you can salvage games where your teammates underperform. This video will teach you valuable tips and tricks to become a better carry no matter what role you play.

  • Five Tips to Climb

    Most players eventually find themselves in a position where it's difficult to climb in ranked. Fear not, because this video will provide you with some valuable advice to help you break through your RP plateau and start climbing.

  • Tips to Improve Your Macro

    Macro play is a very complex topic that most players don't properly understand. In this video, you'll get a much better sense of the macro game and improve your map positioning.

  • Five Habits to Reach Diamond

    Diamond is a very prestigious rank that most players dream of achieving. In this video, we'll be unveiling some of the tips and tricks that high elo players use to climb to diamond and above.