Weldon Teaches Optimizing Your Performance

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Weldon Green

5 Video lessons

Public release date: 10/26/22

Weldon is a sports and exercise psychologist best known for helping TSM, CLG, and other pro League of Legends teams improve their training and performance. In this 5-part supercourse, he'll teach you what it takes to go pro, tackle anxiety, overcome tilt, and become the best possible version of yourself.

  • A Peaceful Mind

    Weldon helps you understand the crux of his work in professional esports by:

    • Defining Mindfulness and its application in sports & esports

    • Outlining the benefits of Mindfulness and focus training

    • Mindfulness techniques for extracting maximum value out or your training

    • The importance of facing your mistakes and accepting reality

  • Talking Tilted and Taming Teammates

    Weldon delves deep into the psychology and behaviors of tilting by:

    • Defining what being tilted is and what it’s not

    • Techniques for handling tilt in yourself and in teammates

    • Different ways to inspire teammates through leadership

    • Understanding how emotions naturally impact people in tilting situations

  • The Anxiety Monster

    Weldon breaks down a mental state that gamers commonly struggle with, covering topics such as:

    • Different types of anxiety and the unique way it affects gamers

    • Healthy coping mechanisms for handling anxiety

    • Anti-choking techniques - understanding how your brain learns new skills and how anxiety disrupts your execution

    • Ways to effectively train for main stage including embracing chaos and repetition

    • Performance hacks that can help you perform on-stage

  • To Go Pro

    Lesson 4

    Contextualize your own learning goals in esports by exploring:

    • Weldon’s take on the relationship between age and performance in esports

    • The value of education for people interested in gaming industry careers

    • What to look for in a good coach and the best ways they can add value to your learning (improving your mirror & model)

    • The importance of identifying your preferred learning styles and motivation

    • Advice for each stage of becoming a professional player

  • You Are What You Eat, Sleep, and Play

    Weldon teaches you the ways a healthy routine can dramatically improve your practice by covering:

    • The importance of nutrition and diet in creating best practices for gaming

    • How processed foods and snacks negatively effect your performance and increase your “ping”

    • Weldon’s basic recommendations for how to shape and balance your diet

    • The importance of exercise and physical activity in maximizing your performance