Fruity Teaches Rocket League Fundamentals

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12 Video lessons

Fruity Teaches Rocket League Fundamentals

Public release date: 11/7/22

Emil "Fruity" Moselund is a top Rocket League pro from Denmark that has made a name for himself with multiple first place finishes in Europe's Rocket League Championship Series. In this course, he'll teach you all the fundamental skills you'll need to succeed in Rocket League including how to manage your boost, manipulate the ball, and control your car.

  • Meet Your Coach: Fruity

    Fruity recalls his past esports experiences and the start of his professional career, touching on:

    • Denmark’s cultural affinity for esports

    • His first competitive experiences and how they helped him build towards a pro career

    • The experience of winning DreamHack and the journey he took to get there

    • His preparation for playing on-stage and the importance of staying calm under pressure

    • The importance of dedication and intentional practice

  • In-Game Settings (Controller vs. Keyboard)

    Fruity goes through the advantages and disadvantages of playing on controller vs. keyboard, including:

    • Fruity’s own settings and the importance of finding the most comfortable settings for you

    • The commonly accepted characteristics of each input and how they impact your gameplay

    • Adjusting your controller settings to boost your performance

    • The different areas of customizability in Rocket League and how you can use them to maximize your personal performance.

  • Car Control

    Lesson 3

    Fruity shows you the mechanical foundations of Rocket League, including:

    • Basic mechanics and drills for manipulating the ball on the ground

    • What aerials are and how to work your way up to more complex plays

    • Understanding boost and its applications

    • Effective ways to utilize custom training and ways to practice your car control

  • Game Modes

    Lesson 4

    In this chapter, Fruity goes through the different game modes in Rocket League by highlighting:

    • The characteristics of each game mode

    • How pro players like Fruity utilize different game modes to practice different skills

    • The importance of trying out different game formats to help you find the ones you enjoy the most

    • A play-by-play breakdown of high-level play in each game mode

  • Ball Control

    Lesson 5

    Fruity teaches you the relationship between car control and ball control, highlighting:

    • How improving your car control will also improve your touches and ball control

    • The different forms of dribbling

    • How to shoot the ball using different approaches and angles

    • The importance of coming up with your own play combinations

    • Finding balance in identifying your goals and playstyle

  • Boost Management

    Fruity teaches you how to properly manage your boost by:

    • Avoiding tunnel vision on securing big pads

    • How to efficiently gather boost while moving around the map

    • Understanding the value of being supersonic (maximum speed)

    • The value in thinking quickly and being confident in using your boost properly

  • Rotations and Positioning

    Fruity teaches you how to improve your in-game rotations by:

    • Covering more of the field through effective tracking of teammate positions

    • Helping you understand how teammates can help each other facilitate rotations

    • Tracking locations of the boost pads and their spawn timers

    • Predicting ball movements and trusting your teammates

  • Team Coordination

    Fruity teaches you the dynamics of teamwork in Rocket League by:

    • Highlighting various teammates' playstyles and their respective goals

    • Explaining proper coverage and pass plays between teammates

    • Improving your understanding of good synergy and how to build advantages with it

    • Helping you read your enemies and adapt to their tendencies

  • Communication

    Fruity goes through key communication topics such as:

    • The importance of finding the right consistent playstyle for yourself

    • Outlining plans and ideas so your teammates can better follow up your intentions

    • Better understanding your teammates decisions and picking up on their communication

    • The importance of reviewing games with teammates in order to help each other sort through mistakes

  • Ranked Advice

    Lesson 10

    Fruity teaches you secrets that helped him climb the ladder, such as:

    • Techniques for minimizing the number of mistakes you make during a game

    • How to best capitalize on your opponents mistakes

    • Outlining common mistakes players make across different skill levels

    • His approach to following the competitive meta and adapting to it

  • Physical Play

    Lesson 11

    Fruity teaches you all about physical play, including:

    • How to demolish opposing cars and find the correct moments to do so

    • How to utilize the numbers advantage created by a demolition

    • A breakdown of how Fruity utilizes physical play in professional play

  • Mentality

    Lesson 12

    Fruity teaches you how the right mentality can help your gameplay by suggesting ways to:

    • Be a more reliable teammate

    • Build your teammates' confidence in themselves and encourage better communication

    • Keep frustration and tilt out of your gameplay

    • Make the game more fun for you and your teammates

    • Approach VOD review and look back your mistakes to grow from them