GarrettG Teaches Pro Competitive Rocket League

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Optimal Positioning

Lesson 8

GarrettG teaches you how to be in the right place at the right time by:

  • Reading your opponents and predicting their movement

  • Helping you recognize good vs. bad positioning

  • Teaching you to avoid common pitfalls

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Aimlabs Challenge

Look back on a replay of a recent match you played and use GarrettG's framework from this course to help evaluate your positioning. How often are you a part of the main play versus trying to execute something on your own? How mindful are you of your side of the pitch even while on attack? How often do you find yourself in position to make touches or follow up on teammate touches? Part of becoming a more complete player is being able to come up with thoughtful answers to these questions and work towards addressing them.


Meet Your Coach: GarrettG
Lesson 1

GarrettG provides context for his journey to stardom and dominance of competitive Rocket League. Topics include:

  • His early tournament roots and how he began competing with some of his first teammates

  • Garrett’s advice for players who are looking to pursue Rocket League more seriously

  • How he’s been able to compete at the highest level for so long

  • Overcoming major setbacks in his competitive career and bouncing back

In-Game Settings
Lesson 2

GarrettG’s takes you through:

  • His preferred camera settings

  • The difference between different car bodies (Octane vs Flat body options)

  • Deadzone settings and the reasons for adjusting them one way or another

  • Sensitivities and his personal philosophy about the ball camera and free camera

  • Interface settings

Free Play & Custom Training
Lesson 3

GarrettG’s takes you through:

  • The importance of free play and custom drills, and why you should utilize these game modes

  • Using free play to dramatically improve your boost management

  • Finding a balance between ranked games and training in free play

  • Freestyling inside of free play and practicing shot setups

  • Drill packs to target specific weaknesses that you consistently encounter

Decision Making
Lesson 4

GarrettG’s teaches you his personal approach to decision making, including:

  • The importance of staying mindful about defense even when attacking

  • How playing smart can be more effective than simply going for risky plays and flashy mechanics

  • How to think about your decisions from the opponent's POV to better understand how they’ll react to your movement around the field

  • The importance of committing to plays without hesitation

  • How to utilize your teammates to create more effective defensive and offensive plays

Mechanics (Air & Ground)
Lesson 5

GarrettG walks you through critical air and ground mechanics, including:

  • How to best utilize flip resets

  • Utilizing the backboard to set up scoring opportunities

  • Air dribbling to buy time or bypass defenders

  • Using bounce dribbles to set up a power shot

  • Ground flicking to get the ball past defenders

  • Utilizing Speed flips to gain an advantage during the kickoff

Knowing Your Role
Lesson 6

GarrettG teaches you how to better understand your role on a team by covering:

  • The key responsibilities of each role in Rocket League

  • Understanding the process of rotating between 1st man, 2nd man, and 3rd man

  • The importance of becoming comfortable with all 3 of the positions in Rocket League

  • The importance of flexibility in Rocket League and how to adapt your playstyle depending on your teammates

Team Communication
Lesson 7

GarrettG teaches you how to improve your communication and team synergy by helping you:

  • Understand what information is vital to communicate

  • Utilize communication to avoid double commits and team misplays

  • Recognize the massive differences between a coordinated team compared to a disorganized one

  • Implement communication practices GarrettG and his teammates use at the highest levels of play

Optimal Positioning
Lesson 8

GarrettG teaches you how to be in the right place at the right time by:

  • Reading your opponents and predicting their movement

  • Helping you recognize good vs. bad positioning

  • Teaching you to avoid common pitfalls

Boost Control
Lesson 9

GarrettG’s explains an often overlooked concept in Rocket League by:

  • Breaking down boost, boost pads, and boost economy

  • Teaching you how to manage your boost in different situations

  • Covering the importance of controlling the big boost pads on the field

Replay Analysis
Lesson 10

GarrettG covers his unique approach to analyzing replays by highlighting:

  • The importance of watching replays from your teammate’s perspectives in addition to your own

  • What to pay attention to when evaluating your replays

  • An example of how Garett approaches identifying and addressing an issue in his own play

  • What to pay attention to when facing a new player or team

Pro Mentality
Lesson 11

Garrett teaches you the importance of:

  • Taking the time you spend on the game seriously

  • Being critical of your mistakes even in victory

  • Addressing your bad habits and mistakes when you find yourself plateauing

  • Having the right attitude towards tilting