League of Legends Role Guides

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League of Legends Role Guides

Public release date: 12/5/22

Each role in League of Legends is unique and requires a completely different playstyle. This playlist will provide you with a guide for each role which will deepen the knowledge you have on your existing role, or teach you a new one.

  • Improving as a Support

    Supports help their teammates in a variety of ways ranging from roaming to help with objectives and fights or providing vision through every stage of the game. This guide will help you to deepen your knowledge of the support role and enable you to have a larger impact in every game you play.

  • Improving as an ADC

    The Marksman Role is extremely difficult but also vital to a team's success. You're often the primary source of damage but at the same time one of the easiest targets for opponents to eliminate. In this video, you'll learn how to improve as an ADC by increasing your damage output and learning how to survive.

  • Improving as a Mid Laner

    The Middle Lane is a very dynamic and challenging role in League of Legends. Not only do you have to perform well in lane, but you can be ganked from anywhere, and you're required to roam in many scenarios to help your teammates and contest objectives. In this video, you'll learn the essentials of the skills required to play Mid Lane.

  • Improving as a Top Laner

    Top Lane players are generally required to be self-sufficient and hold their own. If you've seen the memes, you understand that top lane is truly the island role. In this video, we'll teach you how to thrive in the top lane and enable you to succeed without the help of your jungler.

  • Improving as a Jungler

    For the final role on this list, we'll take a look at the jungle. This role is required to facilitate plays for their teammates and provide assistance where needed. In this video, you'll learn the essentials of the jungle and how to provide the most value to your teammates while still remaining at a strong point for yourself.

  • Improving as a Laner

    Laning in League of Legends has a lot of knowledge required. That's why we've made this video to show you some of the essential skills required for anyone to play one of the laning roles.