AverageJonas Teaches Mastering Your Agent

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11 Video lessons

AverageJonas Teaches Mastering Your Agent

Public release date: 11/7/22

AverageJonas is known as the best Sova player in the world. In this course, he'll teach you his lightning fast process for learning new roles, new metas, and new agents.

  • Introduction

    Lesson 1

    Learn more about AverageJonas' claim to fame and how he built a die-hard community of agent enthusiasts, including:

    • How he built his brand alongside the development of the esports industry

    • Jonas’s previous experience in other esport titles

    • His dedication to becoming a Sova specialist and approach to unlocking the agent’s true potential

    • His unique use of lineups within his content creation

  • Mastering  Your Agent

    AverageJonas teaches you various aspects of agent mastery by outlining:

    • Everything that goes into achieving “Mastery” of an agent

    • The relationship between ability usage and gunplay in Valorant

    • His approach on learning creative ways to use agent abilities

  • Optimal Ability Usage

    Learn secrets behind Jonas’ feared Sova lineups including:

    • The framework he uses to evaluate ability usage

    • An example of the 3 levels of mastery that many agent abilities have

    • A play by play breakdown of one of Jonas’ 1v3 clutches focusing on ability usage

    • The importance of developing effective ability "mixups" particularly in higher level play

  • Understanding Your Role

    In this team-orientated lesson, AverageJonas goes over:

    • The different types of roles that exist during each round of Valorant

    • Factors that dictate the most effective use of your abilities

    • The relationship between communication and ability usage

    • How information can be converted into either aggressive or defensive plays depending on the situation

  • Adapting To The Meta

    In this lesson, AverageJonas discusses the importance of adapting to an ever changing game, including:

    • How and why the meta can shift with some examples

    • The importance of flexibility in contributing to your team

    • The viability of 1-tricking at a high level and competitive play

  • Communication

    AverageJonas gives you his advice and wisdom on proper communication, including:

    • The different styles of communication that players bring to the table in high level games

    • The different types of important decisions that require good communication to address

    • What types of information are most important to communicate as a round develops

    • Several examples of effective communication and how to avoid common mistakes

  • Resource & Economy Management

    AverageJonas gives you an inside look into the world of high-level Valorant by breaking down:

    • Economy management and its in-game applications

    • How to evaluate the relative importance of purchasing abilities, armor, and weapons

    • Several types of buys and how they connect to round strategy and opponent economy

  • Do's and Don'ts of Defaulting

    AverageJonas demystifies a commonly heard but often misunderstood concept in Valorant by covering:

    • What defaulting is and why it has become a dominant strategy at high levels of play

    • The general goal of defaulting and how to transition your defaults into developing the round

    • Common mistakes players make while playing default on either side

    • In-depth breakdowns of Jonas's attacker and defender defaults on Haven

  • Team Coordination

    AverageJonas teaches you:

    • What coordination is and how it contributes to winning a round

    • How to improve round consistency by coordinating crossfires and other setups

    • A breakdown of some high value plays Jonas sets up with his teammates on Sova

  • Practice & Preparation

    In this lesson, learn how AverageJonas converts experimentation in custom games to ranked game line ups by:

    • Understanding the goal of how line-ups and other preplanned ability usages interact with the Valorant meta

    • Utilizing the same thought process Jonas takes when evaluating his current ability line-ups and coming up with new ones

    • Knowing how to mix-up abilities and using them in ways that will surprise enemies

  • Mentality

    Lesson 11

    Jonas explores an often overlooked aspect of Valorant by helping you understand:

    • How to identify and plan improvement around specific subskills

    • How to recycle concepts and lineups when playing new agents to speed up learning

    • Tips for identifying and addressing tilt to make sure you’re always playing your top game