Controller Role Guide

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Controller Role Guide

Public release date: 12/5/22

The controller role is one of the most valuable for any team in Valorant. At the same time, it's one of the most difficult roles to play properly. In this playlist, you will gain an improved understanding of how to play this role by supporting your teammates and keeping your opponents in the dark.

  • Learning Controller Agents

    Playing a Controller agent in Valorant can be tough. Having to manage smokes, crowd control, and think about your teammates isn't necessarily a natural thing for most players. That's why we've assembled this guide to help you understand the controller role, and learn how to provide the most value to your team.

  • Harbor Guide

    Lesson 2

    Harbor is the newest addition to the agent roster in Valorant. He's not a standard controller agent with organized smoke clouds, but he has a very dynamic ability kit similar to Viper. In this video, we'll teach you how to properly wield the ancient technology that Harbor possesses.

  • Omen Guide

    Lesson 3

    Omen thrives in the shadows and is meant to always keep his opponents guessing. This video will show you how to properly play Omen by using his smoke clouds to cover his movements, teleport ability to outsmart his opponents, and use his ultimate ability to appear in unexpected locations.

  • Brimstone Guide

    Brimstone is the original smoke launcher in Valorant. For any player looking to pick up the controller role, most experts will recommend starting here based on how easy it is to play this agent. To give you a crash course, here's our guide for Brimstone.

  • Astra Guide

    Lesson 5

    Astra is one of the most powerful controller agents when played properly. Her ability to control the entire map from her astral form is unmatched. In this video, you'll learn how to play Astra and how you can support your entire team.