Psalm Teaches Pro Valorant Fundamentals

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7 Video lessons

Psalm Teaches Pro Valorant Fundamentals

Public release date: 11/7/22

Psalm is known for having one of the greatest strategic and analytical minds in Esports. In this course, he covers Valorant fundamentals ranging from aim and movement to defaulting and round development. You'll finish this course with sharpened game knowledge, secrets from pro play, and the right mindset to improve.

  • Introduction

    Lesson 1

    Psalm covers his background as a professional esports player and discusses:

    • His career competing in different esport genres including MOBAs and Battle Royales

    • What he thinks sets him apart from other players and gives him an edge in every game

    • Some of the most memorable and challenging moments of his career

  • Aim and Defaulting

    Psalm explores topics critical to every Valorant player including:

    • Key factors that affect your ability to aim effectively and allow you to remain consistent.

    • Different aiming techniques you need to train in order to become a well rounded player

    • The importance of VOD review in helping you understand your aiming mistakes

    • The concept of “defaulting” and how it can improve your chances of winning a round

  • Movement

    Lesson 3

    Psalm discusses the many ways movement affects the way Valorant is played, including:

    • How utilizing movement can increase your odds of winning a gunfight or safely secure information without dying

    • Different peeking techniques and what situations to use them in

    • The difference between how average players and high-level players use movement

    • Common mistakes players make with their movement

  • Timing

    Lesson 4

    Psalm explains how players can more consistently create round winning plays for their team by:

    • Understanding the factors that go into having good timing

    • Highlighting examples and scenarios to help you better understand what good timing looks like

    • Helping you visualize enemy rotations and understanding when you should adjust your playstyle to catch the opponent off guard

  • Resource Management

    Psalm discusses the best ways to think about your team’s economy and utility resources by covering:

    • The role of utility in Valorant and how players should evaluate the efficiency of their utility usage

    • Common mistakes players make when it comes to their economy and what they should do instead

    • An in-depth example of how he would approach using a combination of utility (i.e. smokes and flashes) to maximize his odds of taking a site

  • Information

    Lesson 6

    Psalm teaches you how the mind of a pro player processes information in Valorant by exploring:

    • Different sources of information in Valorant and how they can be used to help win more rounds.

    • How different agents’ abilities can contribute to a larger pool of team information

    • How you utilize gathered information to formulate a plan to win the round.

    • The information mindgames that happen at the highest levels of play and how you can incorporate them into your own games

  • Communication

    Psalm explores the vital importance of Communication in Valorant by teaching you:

    • What you should be communicating during your rounds and the importance of being specific

    • The difference between good and bad communication and how to evaluate your own communication

    • The importance of being self-critical and honest with yourself in identifying your weaknesses as a player and how to improve those areas

    • His growth mentality and approach to handling tilt