BrokenBlade Teaches Mastering Top Lane

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11 Video lessons

BrokenBlade Teaches Mastering Top Lane

Public release date: 11/22/22

Sergen "BrokenBlade" Çelik is considered to be one of the best Top Laners in the world, boasting both LCS and LEC championship titles and experience competing on the world stage. In this course, he'll teach you valuable knowledge from his storied career and help you make top lane your kingdom.

  • Meet Your Coach: BrokenBlade

    BrokenBlade introduces himself and breaks down:

    • The origins of his in-game name

    • His journey through various competitive environments and teams

    • The motivations for his drive and work ethic

    • Some of his favorite memories throughout his career

    • His perspective on the evolution of esports

  • Path To Pro

    Lesson 2

    BrokenBlade discusses his career and advice for aspiring players by covering:

    • His first professional games and the impact it had on him

    • The experience of competing with other aspiring players and the work ethic it took to rise above them

    • The story of how pro orgs and teams started noticing him

    • Ways he had to sacrifice in order to become the best

  • Flexibility

    Lesson 3

    BrokenBlade talks about the importance of flexibility in pro play, covering topics such as:

    • Knowing your role and being adaptive

    • How to properly think about and approach your lane

    • How to communicate with your Jungler

    • How to track enemy Laners and the enemy Jungler

    • Understanding the meta and how the patch notes impact the game

  • Lane Phase

    Lesson 4

    BrokenBlade teaches you how to properly approach your laning phase by:

    • Knowing how to manage your wave properly and different techniques for manipulating minion waves

    • Improving and practicing your matchup knowledge

    • Learning how to use your teleport efficiently

    • How to manage your resources properly

    • Understanding your power spikes and how to play around them

  • Cheater Recall

    BrokenBlade explores the concept of a cheater recall and teaches you

    • Its advantages and potential disadvantages in different scenarios

    • How to consistently execute a cheater recall

    • How the setup and results of a cheater recall may vary for different champions

  • Warding Top Lane

    BrokenBlade teaches you how to control vision in the top lane by:

    • Showing you the most common warding spots in Top Lane

    • Teaching you what to do with the information your wards provide

    • The importance of hiding your wards placement from the enemy laner

    • Explaining how to track the enemy jungler with your vision

    • Showing you how to use your control wards efficiently

  • Mid To Late Game

    BrokenBlade teaches you how to properly approach the Mid-Late game by explaining:

    • When to push side lanes and when to group

    • Where you should be positioned on the map at any given time and why

    • How to abuse your priority to get yourself advantageous windows of time

    • The importance of getting resources while maintaining tempo

    • How to understand your champion's role during this phase of the game

  • Strong Side vs. Weak Side

    BrokenBlade goes in-depth on the topic of strong side vs. weak side by helping you:

    • Understand how to identify when you are strong side or weak side

    • Maximize your lead as a strong side player and minimize losses on weak side

    • Survive when playing weakside so your strong side can get ahead

  • Teleport Usage

    BrokenBlade explains how to use your teleport properly by covering:

    • How to adjust your play to lose the least amount of experience and gold

    • The ways your teleport usage should vary from game to game and in different matchups

    • How to define good vs. bad teleports

    • How you can better secure flanks for yourself in teamfights

    • The importance of communicating your teleport so teammates can understand your intentions

  • Ranked Advice

    Lesson 10

    BrokenBlade gives you his tips & tricks for climbing the solo queue ladder by:

    • Offering his take on one tricking and top-lane champion pools

    • Explaining why you should avoid playing only "easy" champions

    • Helping you understand when to pick different types of champions for different situations

    • Helping you prioritize matchup knowledge to better handle counter picks

    • Explaining how to adapt your summoner spell choices

  • Optimizing Your Practice

    BrokenBlade explores the importance of productive practice by teaching you:

    • His daily routine and warmup habits

    • How BrokenBlade personally prepares for a stage match

    • The importance of being honest with yourself and playing to your strengths

    • The role of a coach in individual and team environments