GeneralSniper Teaches Carrying from Top Lane

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GeneralSniper Teaches Carrying from Top Lane

Public release date: 11/22/22

Rayan "Sniper" Shoura is one of the rising stars of competitive League of Legends. After hitting Challenger at only 14 years old and reaching rank 1 on the North American ranked ladder shortly after, he's been a sought after recruit for LCS teams looking to develop exceptional young talent. Sniper has followed in the footsteps of his older brother "Viper," who has competed as a top laner in the North American LCS.

  • Meet Your Coach: General Sniper

    GeneralSniper explains how he got his start in esports - exploring topics including:

    • His relationship with his older brother, Viper, and how it inspired him to pursue gaming

    • How he climbed quickly through the ranks to achieve Challenger at only 12 years old

    • The origin of his name GeneralSniper

    • His biggest accomplishments so far and career goals for the future

  • In-Game Settings

    GeneralSniper gives you tips on optimizing your in-game settings such as:

    • His personal take on increasing your mouse DPI for better movement and faster reactions.

    • The benefits of using the “attack only” command

    • Prioritizing comfortability for the in-game settings you use

  • Practice & Warmup Routine

    GeneralSniper delves into topics including:

    • The importance of work ethic and intentional practice

    • How the right warmup can help you reduce/prevent mechanical misplays

    • The value in practicing ability combos for the champions you play

    • His personal pregame routine and how it helps his ranked consistency

  • Top Lane Secrets

    GeneralSniper shares secrets that have helped him secure consistent advantages on his journey to Rank 1 including:

    • Different ways to use your time as efficiently as possible

    • The value of zoning weaker enemies to deny them experience and gold

    • Adapting specific ward placements to the current lane situation

    • The importance of knowing when to back off of tower to avoid enemy dives

  • Rank 1 Advice

    GeneralSniper teaches you the mentality that helped him reach rank 1 by exploring:

    • The importance of keeping a growth mindset

    • How he handles tilt and actively learns from his mistakes

    • How he keeps consistency and focus throughout games

    • The importance of seeking out new ways to improve your game knowledge

  • Adaptation and Flexibility

    GeneralSniper explains how a Rank 1 player adapts to a fast-changing game by:

    • Staying up to date on current trends and patch notes

    • Constantly experimenting and limit testing to improve your skill ceiling

    • Developing strong instincts and learning to trust yourself

  • Early Game and Lane Phase

    GeneralSniper teaches you different ways to build advantages in your early levels such as:

    • How to better understand your matchup and adapt your wave management accordingly

    • How to build and use slow pushes to your advantage

    • When and how to freeze waves

    • The importance of playing for your team when you’re unable to find advantages for yourself

  • Strong Side vs. Weak Side

    GeneralSniper teaches you how to recognize your win conditions and snowball games effectively by:

    • Positively impacting your other lanes

    • Tracking and looking for opportunities to disrupt the enemy jungler

    • Adapting your laning style depending on if you’re playing strong vs. weak side

  • Mid to Late Game

    Mid-Late game decision making can be a difficult process for many players. GeneralSniper gives out some of his macro secrets such as:

    • How to be involved in team plays while maintaining a good stream of income for yourself

    • The value of creating flanks and how to create them on the champions he plays

    • How map awareness is one of the most important skills to train and improve

  • Teleport Usage

    GeneralSniper explains optimal teleport usage by teaching you:

    • How to improve the effectiveness of your teleports

    • The value of taking TP and the pros and cons of taking different summoner spell combinations

    • The importance of clear communication so your teammates can set up the right vision for your teleports

    • How you should approach thinking about TP to impact the rest of the map and look for plays

    NOTE: this section may be outdated given recent changes to Teleport.

  • Teamfighting

    Lesson 11

    GeneralSniper teaches you his approach to teamfighting and the different factors to watch out for, such as:

    • Being decisive in your decision-making

    • Correctly understanding what fights you can efficiently move to

    • Understanding how to maximize your impact when making the decision to not contribute to a teamfight your team is a part of

    • The importance of using pings to communicate intention to your teammates

    • How key summoner spell cooldowns can impact the fights you should/shouldn’t take