Pobelter Teaches Advanced Mid Lane

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Pobelter Teaches Advanced Mid Lane

Eugene "Pobelter" Park has made his mark on North American League of Legends as a 10-year pro veteran and 3-time LCS champion. Known for his intelligence, consistency, and shotcalling, he'll act as your guide on everything mid-lane and break down advanced concepts such as side-laning, late-game decision-making, teamfighting, and objective control.

Pobelter discusses his approach to having a successful early game, including:

  • Different ways you can build advantages in winning matchups and minimize losses in bad ones

  • How your team’s jungle archetype should affect your early game plan

  • Ways you can better manage your resources

  • Advice on how Pobelter thinks about itemization based on a number of factors

Pobelter discusses what he considers when approaching his laning phase, including:

  • The general dynamic of several different types of Mid lane matchups

  • The importance of keeping a ward up on at least one side of mid lane

  • How summoner spells factor into a player's plan for playing a successful lane

  • Examples of how to recover after making errors such as taking bad trades

Pobelter explains how even the smallest decisions can impact your game by covering:

  • How game knowledge dictates the way mid-lane matchups are played

  • His opinions on the best way to develop and implement your matchup knowledge

  • An example of Pobelter’s deep game knowledge applied to one of his favorite champions

Pobelter explores the essential relationship between mid laners and their junglers - teaching you:

  • Why keeping your jungler from falling behind will also help you in the long run

  • The two main types of junglers that are commonly encountered in League

  • How to tailor your game plan to synergize well with your jungler’s goals

  • How to address the dilemma of deciding whether or not to move towards a jungle skirmish

In this chapter, Pobelter covers how to approach vision control from the mid-lane, showing you:

  • Common warding spots to help keep your team track the enemy jungler

  • How to play properly around your team’s and your own vision

  • Safe windows to look for the right timings to ward

  • The best wards and rotation paths for situations where you’re side-laning

Pobelter covers his thoughts on Mid and Late game tactics for solo queue, discussing:

  • What to consider when deciding where to be on the map in the mid to late game

  • How to approach the dilemma of farming side lanes or grouping

  • Pobelter’s tips for being more consistent when side laning

  • Ways to help get your solo queue team on the same page

  • Tips on how to better predict the outcome of fights

Pobelter discusses ways to maintain and use objective control to secure advantages for your team, including:

  • How to punish the enemy team for overcommitting to an objective

  • How pushing side lanes contribute to your team’s control over an objective

  • An in-depth breakdown of how pro teams approach a late game elder dragon fight

Pobelter discusses how to approach grouping for objectives, covering:

  • How to achieve the right timing when leaving a side lane to group for objectives

  • The correct vision control setup to maximize your odds of winning a fight

  • How to handle common solo queue scenarios around objectives

Pobelter helps you maximize the odds of winning late game encounters by going over:

  • Optimal ways to utilize teleport and how to evaluate the value of your teleports

  • A breakdown of how crowd control dictates the tempo of a late game LCK teamfight

  • How lane pressure can force the enemy to make tough decisions

Pobelter wraps up his course by discussing his schedule and training routine as a professional player. He covers:

  • His practice regiment and typical schedule as a professional player

  • Examples of setting goals for himself as a player and evaluating those goals.

  • Recommendations on the correct mindset for improving as a player.