CoreJJ Teaches Carrying As Support

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10 Video lessons

CoreJJ Teaches Carrying As Support

Public release date: 10/26/22

Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in is regarded as one of the greatest professional support players in League of Legends history. After becoming world champion in 2017, CoreJJ has gone on to win multiple LCS championships while consistently holding the rank 1 spot in NA solo queue. In this course, he'll teach you better roaming, warding, laning, and how to carry your games from the support role.

  • Introduction

    Lesson 1

    Zirene provides background on CoreJJ's career and Core explores key topics including:

    • His journey from climbing solo queue in high school to establishing himself as a world-renowned champion

    • The responsibilities and huge carry potential of the support role

    • The importance of work ethic and application

    • Core's thoughts on champions queue and the NA amateur scene

    • The importance of learning from others

  • Vision

    Lesson 2

    CoreJJ covers his thought process for maximizing the effectiveness of you and your team's vision placement with these key concepts:

    • The relationship between vision and your team's ability to play aggressively.

    • Making sure every ward you place has a job

    • Vision control as a team objective and maintaining pink wards on the map

    • The importance of refilling your sightstone wards and not overstaying on the map

    • When to swap between warding trinket and sweeper

    • When and how to defend your team's vision

  • Ranked Advice

    Core covers ranked tips that help him consistently reach rank 1 on the solo queue ladder including:

    • Maximizing the potential of your champion’s intended role and playstyle

    • How you should approach your ranked champion pool

    • Staying up to date on the meta and picking OP champions

    • Core’s take on the differences between players in each ranked tier

  • Roaming

    Lesson 4

    Core teaches you how to identify your roam timers and different ways to create advantages for your team around the map.

    • How to visualize what will happen on the map before you roam.

    • Different ways to impact the jungle and other lanes without only going for kills

    • The symbiotic relationship between the support and jungle roles

    • Viewing your role as impactful beyond only supporting your ADC

  • Turn-Based Game

    Learn how a world champion support thinks about vision and the macro game, including:

    • How to simplify team strategy into “turns” on the map

    • Identifying which team’s turn it is and different ways to play accordingly

    • Using information denial to apply pressure to your opponents

    • Properly take vision and information back from the enemy

  • Early  Game & Lane Phase

    In this laning-focused segment, Core gives you in-depth explanations and demos on how he thinks about and executes during the early stages of each game including:

    • The importance of brush control in creating fog of war pressure in bottom lane

    • How to play around Jungle and Bot-lane synergies

    • When and where to roam when you don’t have anything to do in lane

    • Different ways to translate bot lane advantages into the rest of the map

  • Mid to Late Game

    Moving into the later stages of a game, Core covers key concepts such as:

    • How to keep a cool head during the early to mid-game transition

    • Key characteristics of the mid and late stages of the game

    • How to identify when to group (“NA ARAM!”) or not

    • Why supports need to understand side lane matchups and determine which laners they should invest vision for during the mid to late game

  • Decision Making & Objective Control

    In this team and objective-focused lesson, Core addresses common in-game dilemmas faced by players in every rank including:

    • How to decide whether or not to contest a certain objective on the map

    • When and how to set up vision properly for an objective

    • Using champion knowledge to identify fight triggers and identify your teamfight approach

  • Creativity And Adaptation

    Known for his in-game X-Factor and ability to consistently defy enemy expectations at the highest levels of play, Core gives you insight into different elements of his unique playstyle including:

    • Different ways he pushes himself to be creative in and out of game

    • How Core adapts to new metas and champion picks

    • The importance of tracking enemy cooldowns during a teamfight to identify fight triggers and opportunities to capitalize

  • Practice & Mentality

    Learn a world champion support player’s approach to winning and improvement. Core offers critical advice for aspiring player including:

    • Using a growth mindset to address fear, tilt and ego

    • Why it's important for players to “be a robot”

    • The value of seeking out constructive criticism and other perspectives from other players and coaches