Yay Teaches Optimal Valorant Training

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8 Video lessons

Public release date: 6/22/23

Jacob "yay" Whitaker is one of the most talented and feared Valorant Pros in the world. His inhuman reactions, precise aim, and calculated playmaking have earned him the nickname "El Diablo" amongst competitors. A meteoric 2022 culminated in yay being crowned Esports Athlete of the Year at the Game Awards, where he edged out other iconic pros including Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

  • Introduction

    Lesson 1

    Learn more about yay’s

    • Journey into the pro FPS scene and the origin story of his nickname “El Diablo”

    • Opinion on the value of aim training for Valorant players

    • Thoughts on the current Valorant ecosystem and franchising

    • Most memorable moments and competitions from his pro career

  • In-Game Settings

    yay covers:

    • All of his preferred Valorant in-game settings and how he sets up at a PC

    • The importance of finding comfortability within your personal settings

    • An explanation of how the majority of Valorant pro players tend to orient their in-game settings and why

    • The differences between high and low mouse sensitivity and native vs. stretched resolutions

  • Aim & Crosshair Placement

    yay teaches you the secrets behind his legendary aim, including:

    • The importance of consistently good crosshair placement and what it looks like in-game

    • Differences between how lower ranked players clear angles compared to pro players

    • How the map layout affects the way you need to adjust your crosshair placement

    • yay’s personal suggestions on how to use Aimlabs to improve your aim in Valorant

    • How to jump peek and what situations to use it in

  • Executing Your Role

    yay explores:

    • The different essential roles on a team and their respective responsibilities

    • His recommended agents for each role

    • What the best players do from each role at the highest levels of play

    • How team compositions affect the speed and type of plays you should make on the map

  • Teamplay

    Lesson 5

    yay teaches you:

    • Examples of what good and bad communication look and sound like in-game

    • How to improve your communication and be more easily understood by your teammates

    • The importance of calling out your utility usage and asking for utility from teammates

    • His general advice on playing better together with your teammates

  • Map Theory

    Lesson 6

    yay demonstrates:

    • How pro players approach learning a new map and analyze existing maps

    • The importance of securing ultimate orbs in high-level play

    • How to identify key areas of a map and the thought process for creating strategies around them

    • The way site distribution & other factors affect whether a map is attacker or defender favored

  • Game Sense

    Lesson 7

    yay offers you ways to learn from his superhuman game sense by:

    • Paying close attention to enemy tendencies and patterns in their utility usage

    • Deducing enemy locations from the way enemy players are holding & not holding angles

    • Recognizing the importance of taking calculated risks in man-down & clutch situations

    • Using your team’s utility to mind-game the enemy team and create weaknesses

  • Winning Mentality

    yay offers his advice about:

    • How to stay confident while avoiding overconfidence

    • The different ways your mental state can affect your performance

    • Focusing on results vs. improvement

    • Adopting and keeping a winning mentality