Scump Teaches Pro Call of Duty Fundamentals

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11 Video lessons

Scump Teaches Pro Call of Duty Fundamentals

Public release date: 11/7/22

Seth "Scump" Abner is the face of professional Call of Duty. He has 2million+ followers on Twitter & Youtube, is a 2-time X-games Gold Medalist, and 2017 World Champion. In this course, he'll teach you fundamentals about aim, movement, and staple game modes that you can apply to any COD title.

  • Meet Your Coach: Scump

    Learn more about Scump’s:

    • Esports background, origin story, and time on Optic Gaming

    • Proudest moments as a professional player and other notable accolades.

    • Thoughts on the most important skills and traits for becoming a professional player

    • Opinion on how LAN and online competition differs

  • Path to Pro

    Lesson 2

    In this second lesson, Scump gives you an inside look into the world of high-level COD by breaking down the path to becoming a pro player and covering:

    • The correct mindset for finding success as an aspiring professional pro player

    • The differences he notices between beginner, intermediate, and top levels of play

    • General steps for how strong players progress towards being picked up by organizations

    • Scump's thoughts on the utility of playing the ranked playlists on COD

  • Controllers & Settings

    Scump shows you some of his personal secrets to success, including his:

    • Personal choice of controller and grip

    • Opinion on some advantages his grip style has over the standard controller grip

    • Preferred in-game settings at the time of filming

  • Communication

    Scump explores the vitally important concept of of communication in COD by teaching you:

    • How proper communication contributes to winning rounds.

    • A framework for you to evaluate your own communication

    • The importance of maintaining appropriate tone and attitude in your communication

    • The essential types of information and how they help your team develop the right game plan

  • Aim & Centering

    Scump gives you an in-depth breakdown of:

    • Centering and its importance in deciding if you’ll win a gunfight

    • How strafing should interact with aiming to make hitting enemies easier

    • The effect that aim assist should have on your aiming habits

    • How to recover situations where your first couple shots miss

  • Movement

    Lesson 6

    Scump teaches you how to take your movement to the next level by understanding:

    • Slide canceling and its advantages over traditional peeking

    • Jiggling and slide baiting to acquire information or set up team shots

    • Snaking and other “Rat” strategies that can surprise enemies

    • How all of these techniques can be used in an actual game by showcasing them in a demo

  • Clutch Factor

    Known for being one of the most clutch players in COD history, Scump offers some tips on how to navigate high-pressure situations, including:

    • How to get yourself in the correct mindset to approach clutching

    • How to adapt your plan to try to equalize the numbers disadvantage

    • The fundamental skills you should most lean on when solving in-game problems

    • A demo showcasing how effective prediction and decision making skills result in a 1v4 win for Scump

  • Map Control and Information

    In this macro-focused lesson, Scump helps you understand:

    • Information gathering and processing at the team and individual level

    • The mechanics and tricks associated with minimap dots

    • How mind games and mix-ups are utilized at the pro level

    • An example of a defensive set up on the map Garrison with a breakdown of how each player should play and position

  • Search and Destroy

    Scump gives you a focused breakdown of:

    • Some golden rules associated with playing Search and Destroy

    • The differences between Search and Destroy and other modes

    • The differences in playstyle between AR and SMG players in any SND setup

    • The thought process behind his decisions on an actual round of SND

  • Hardpoint

    Lesson 10

    In this Hardpoint focused lesson, Scump covers:

    • The general flow of gameplay in the hardpoint game mode and how it differs from other modes

    • How using a different gun impacts your playstyle and role within any team

    • Some tips regarding selecting the correct position and angle on the map to gain information or kill advantages over opponents

    • Several play by play demos detailing the thought process behind how he develops hardpoint rounds favorably for his team

  • Practice & Routine

    Scump offers you his advice and wisdom for developing the right mindset of practice and improvement, including:

    • The importance of consistent high-quality practice and love for the game

    • How an aggressive attitude negatively impacts individual players and teams

    • A typical practice schedule for a pro COD player to give you ideas on how to plan out your own practice sessions

    • The role and timing of VOD review in improving individual and team play