Aphromoo Teaches Support Map Control

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Aphromoo Teaches Support Map Control

Public release date: 11/30/22

Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black is a long-time League of Legends veteran, 2018 Spring Split MVP, and 2-time LCS Champion. Known for his leadership skills, he'll mentor you on how to influence every lane on the map from the Support role. He'll go in-depth on critical topics such as warding, teamfight positioning, and how to set up objectives properly for your team.

  • Meet Your Coach: Aphromoo

    Aphromoo tells you about his journey of becoming an esports pro, including:

    • How he got introduced to League of Legends

    • The individual strengths that allowed him to stand out as a player

    • How he bounced back from some of the lowest points of his career

    • The importance of minimizing toxicity and being a motivator for his teammates

    • The importance of listening within a team and being openminded to other perspectives

  • "The Facilitator"

    Aphromoo teaches you how to improve your chances of winning by being a facilitator, covering:

    • How to use your time most efficiently as a support

    • Different ways to get your team on the same page through communication

    • How properly managing your own lane's minion waves can help you impact the rest of the map

    • The importance of understanding the lane dynamics and matchups of the rest of the map

  • Team Synergy

    Lesson 3

    Aphromoo discusses synergy and how it affects team dynamics in all levels of play by exploring:

    • The importance of pattern recognition when it comes to different map states and movements

    • Communication with your lane partner and adjusting to their playstyle

    • The synergistic relationship between the support and jungle roles

    • Split-second decision making based on the goals and intentions of your teammates and their champions

  • Strong Side vs. Weak Side

    Aphromoo teaches you the concept of strong vs. weak side and how to apply it by offering you:

    • His take on recognizing your team's win conditions

    • Advice for losing as little as possible when playing weak side

    • Ways to snowball advantages when on strong side

    • Tips for better understanding your Jungler's intentions and knowing what to do when he’s not playing around you

  • Defensive Vision

    Aphromoo teaches you how to orient your vision when you're on the back foot by:

    • Helping you understand how your wave state affects you and your team's vision

    • Teaching you when and how to contest wards and vision

    • Giving his advice for how to play from behind and where to place your control wards

    • Offering you strategies that allow you to abuse vision control in key areas to set up your comeback

  • Aggressive Vision

    Aphromoo teaches you how snowball your advantages when playing from ahead by showing you:

    • How to ward for key areas that your team will later control

    • How to find good recall timers to refill your wards

    • Ways to contest and hold vision when your opponent fights for map control

    • The value in protecting your weak side while maintaining your presence on your strongside

  • Early Game Plan

    Aphromoo explains his thought process for early game planning by highlighting:

    • Ways to find advantages from L1

    • The importance of leashing your Jungler properly

    • How you can manage waves to intentionally create different scenarios for yourself

    • The importance of playing to your lane's win conditions

  • Mid & Late Game Macro

    Aphromoo explains important factors to consider during the mid/late game and touches on:

    • When the mid and late stages of the game start

    • What to do before and after taking a certain objective

    • How to properly measure your success as a support

    • The importance of contesting Mid lane and how to control it

    • Comeback mechanics and strategies for playing from behind

  • Climbing Ranked

    Aphromoo teaches you his thought process for climbing the ranked ladder by teaching you:

    • The importance of understanding your strengths and playing towards them

    • How to decide on your champion pool while adapting your pick depending on your team's composition

    • His thoughts on what differentiates players at different skill levels

    • Ways to better communicate, properly engage, and track the enemy jungler

  • Contesting Objectives

    Aphromoo helps you understand how to approach objective control by teaching you:

    • How to understand and apply the concept of tempo

    • How to know if you’re strong enough to fight

    • The factors that might lead you to give up an objective completely

    • The value in crossmapping and how it impacts your chances of winning

  • Teamfighting

    Lesson 11

    Aphromoo teaches you how to approach teamfighting as a support player, including:

    • How to space in teamfights and the importance of properly spacing around skill shots

    • How to understand the most effective position for your champion

    • Engaging and how to avoid getting engaged on

    • How to cut your losses and when to avoid teamfights entirely