Snip3Down Teaches Apex Legends Fundamentals

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11 Video lessons

Snip3Down Teaches Apex Legends Fundamentals

Public release date: 10/26/22

From Halo World Champion to Apex Pro, Snip3down has competed at the highest level of tactical and arena shooters for years. In this course, he'll go in depth and teach you all the fundamental skills you'll need to rank up in Apex Legends.

  • Introduction

    Lesson 1

    Snip3down teaches you about his tactical FPS background and transition to Apex Legends. Learn more about:

    • Snip3down’s career accomplishments and journey to becoming a professional esports player

    • Eric’s personal playstyle and opinions on Apex Legends as an FPS title

    • Lessons learned and advice for aspiring pro players

    • Major takeaways and themes covered in this course

  • Aim  (Controller vs. Keyboard)

    Snip3down offers valuable perspective on choosing the right input for you in Apex Legends. He’ll cover:

    • Key characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of Controller vs. Keyboard inputs

    • Mirror strafing and the relationship between aim and movement

    • Ways to warm up your aim and how to activate the firing range Easter egg

    • Bullet drop-off across different ammo types

  • Positioning

    Lesson 3

    Eric explores one of the most important fighting skills in Apex and shows you why he’s known for excelling in this area. By the end of this chapter, you’ll learn:

    • What factors go into consistently good fight positioning

    • Common misconceptions and mistakes when it comes to positioning

    • The importance of knowing your legend’s role on a team in determining where to put yourself

    • Using cover, height, and information to create in-fight advantages

  • Item System

    Lesson 4

    Learn about fundamental aspects of Apex Legend’s unique item system and different ways to optimize your play including:

    • How to determine when to heal or contribute during a fight

    • Choosing an ideal gun loadout for your legend

    • The importance of spreading loot amongst teammates and upgrading evo shields

    • Efficient healing and armor swapping during fights

  • Communication

    Snip3down teaches you how to apply concepts like these into your own game:

    • The importance of being specific in your communication

    • When to use vocal emphasis for optimal communication

    • The value of utilizing the Apex Legends pinging system

    • Communicating ability usage to better keep your teammates on the same page

  • Resource & Ability Management

    With many important resource types to keep track of in Apex, this segment will help you learn:

    • Best practices for looting and sharing loot amongst teammates

    • How to manage healing and ammo usage throughout a game of Apex

    • The best ways pros use key abilities across a variety of Legends

    • Thinking creatively about your ability usage and managing key cooldowns

  • Early Game

    Lesson 7

    Snip3down helps you improve your early game performance by establishing:

    • The importance of a good drop in setting yourself up for the later stages of the game

    • Advantages and disadvantages of taking early game fights

    • Determining the right times to take fights

    • The importance of having contingency plans and discussing them during down time

    • How to maximize your distance and stretch while dropping

  • Mid Game

    Lesson 8

    Snip3down helps you navigate one of the most chaotic phases of the game by teaching you:

    • How to create a solid plan for the mid-late game

    • Advantages and disadvantages of landing closer or further from the center of the map

    • Key characteristics of different maps in the competitive pool

    • The importance of clearing out your back and holding out other teams when playing on the edge of zone

  • Late Game

    Lesson 9

    Watch Eric break down a hype end-game scenario and learn:

    • What separates consistently top-placing teams from the average player

    • The importance of circulating ideas and information between teammates

    • How resource scarcity affects the way you should play end-game situations

    • How to navigate a tense end-game situation

  • Practice & Preparation

    Snip3down gives you important practice tips including:

    • Things to look for when analyzing your own gameplay

    • What tournament preparation looks like for pro teams

    • Areas of Apex gameplay you should focus on and train

    • Why weapon and legend comfortability is critical

  • Mentality

    Lesson 11

    In this final lesson, Snip3down teaches you lessons he’s learned throughout his pro career including:

    • The importance of being self-critical in helping you improve consistently

    • How to handle tilt and high tensions

    • The value of building trust and a support system in your regular teammates