TenZ Teaches Pro Competitive Valorant

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10 Video lessons

Public release date: 10/26/22

Tyson "TenZ" Ngo was the first player ever to hit Radiant rank and has quickly become known as one of the best Valorant pros in the world. In this course, he'll teach you his unique disruptive playstyle, how to win the utility war, and other advanced concepts from professional play.

  • Introduction

    Lesson 1

    Learn more about Tyson’s:

    • Esports background, origin story, and transition from professional Counter-Strike to Valorant

    • Personal life and support system

    • Early thoughts on Valorant and being the first player to reach Radiant ranking

    • Advice for balancing life as a pro player and how to become a great teammate

  • "The Disruptor"

    Learn the secrets behind TenZ’s feared disruptive playstyle including:

    • How TenZ uses his unique skillset to dictate the pace of each round

    • How to differentiate the standard roles and playstyles on a professional Valorant team

    • The importance of flexibility and adaptation in high level play

    • Tyson’s approach to learning new strategies and meta

  • Peripherals & Settings

    TenZ shows you personal secrets to his success including his:

    • Setup and peripherals at the time of filming

    • Mouse grip and the unique way in which he changes it depending on the situation

    • Mouse sensitivity and other key in-game settings

    • Warmup routine within Valorant and Aim Lab

  • Aim

    Lesson 4

    TenZ gives you an in-depth breakdown of:

    • Aiming techniques including spray control, bursting vs. tapping, and crosshair placement

    • How to adjust your in-game playstyle to match the weapon you’re using (Phantom vs. Vandal!)

    • How to properly take duels and clear angles like a pro player

    • Effective ways to practice aim including offline servers, deathmatch, and Aim Lab

  • Positioning

    Lesson 5

    TenZ teaches you how to take your game to the next level by understanding:

    • How good and bad positioning impact the outcome of your fights

    • What an off-angle is and how to use them

    • Crouching and other movement techniques - good or bad?

    • The importance of mixing up your position and mindgaming your opponents

  • Communication & Teamwork

    TenZ gives you an inside look into the world of high-level Valorant by breaking down:

    • Why communication is one of the most important aspects of your play

    • The importance of constantly circulating information between teammates

    • How good team coordination can dramatically improve your chances of winning

    • Ways to increase the effectiveness of your team’s utility usage through communication

    “Think about your (team’s) communication like Ping Pong - you want to constantly be bouncing communication between the players.”

  • Decision Making

    Learn how Tyson navigates high-pressure situations through:

    • Being decisive and communicating decisions quickly with teammates

    • Techniques such as trigger discipline and when to use them to compound advantages

    • Baiting enemy utility and evaluating which abilities are worth more than others

    • Analyzing decision-making in pro play

  • Map Control

    Lesson 8

    In this macro-focused lesson, Tenz helps you understand:

    • What good map control looks like

    • How gaining map control lowers risk in your play and opens up opportunities

    • What defaulting and set strats are and how to implement them into your own play

    • Ways to decide between fully hitting a bomb site vs. faking

  • Entry Fragging

    One of the best entry fraggers in the world teaches you:

    • The role and tactics of an entry fragger

    • How teammates should best support their entry fragger

    • Why each teammate should be ready to become the entry fragger for their team

    • Defining success as an entry fragger

  • Having a Pro Mindset

    TenZ gives you his advice and wisdom on developing the right mindset for improvement, including:

    • The importance of consistent practice and love for the game

    • How an aggressive ego negatively impacts individual players and teams

    • Why you should be open-minded and hungry to learn

    • The value of outside coaching and closely analyzing your mistakes