Sneaky Teaches ADC Strategy

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Sneaky Teaches ADC Strategy

Public release date: 11/7/22

Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi is a 2-time LCS Champion AD Carry and content creator known for his adaptability, precise positioning, and consistent performances. In this in-depth course, he'll teach you the strategies and theory behind succeeding as an ADC.

  • Meet  Your Coach: Sneaky

    Learn more about Sneaky’s:

    • MOBA background and history of playing League since its beta release

    • Early days of playing with Cloud 9 and “living the esports dream”

    • Sneaky’s formative experiences as a pro player.

    • Journey of winning LCS 3 times and competing on the worlds stage 7 times

  • In-Game Settings & Keybindings

    Sneaky delivers his thoughts on how to find the perfect in game settings including:

    • How adjusting certain settings can improve your ability to move and orbwalk

    • The importance and best practices of good camera control

    • Sneaky’s take on whether abilities should be normal casted or smart casted.

    • How adjusting certain keybinds and habits can help you communicate your intentions to teammates

  • Essential ADC Mechanics

    Sneaky breaks down essential in game mechanics that every ADC should know, including:

    • Orbwalking and how ADCs benefit from this technique

    • The importance of the “S” key - an often underutilized keybind in League of Legends that can improve your character control and movement

    • Where you should position your camera as an ADC

    • Sneaky’s tips for when you should throw skillshots and trade in lane

  • Laning Phase Strategy

    In this laning-focused segment, Sneaky teaches you:

    • How to define the laning phase and where it fits into the other stages of the game

    • How to classify and form a game plan for your bot-lane matchups

    • When you should adjust your approach to trading and what factors to consider when manipulating waves

    • How to determine the right recall timings for your champion

  • Strong Side vs. Weak Side

    Sneaky explains how the concept of strong side and weak side can better inform your decisions in game, including:

    • Why strong side and weak side occur and how to determine which side you’re on.

    • How to adjust your decision making pathways depending on which side of the map you’re on

    • Several examples of how to utilize strong side advantage to gain a personal and team advantage

    • Several examples of how playing weak side correctly can create very difficult decisions for the enemy team

  • Mid & Late Game Strategy

    Sneaky explains how he thinks the later stages of a game should be approached as a team, covering:

    • How to define the mid-late stages of the game and why they can feel chaotic

    • What your individual and team goals should be during this time

    • How to decide between moving towards fights or prioritizing farm

    • Some tips for how to approach common mid or late game scenarios including split push, siege, and baron.

    • In-depth breakdowns from Sneaky’s own pro matches

  • Team Synergy

    Lesson 7

    In this team-based section, Sneaky teaches the concept and importance of good synergy. He goes into:

    • The importance of being able to empathize with the other roles on your team

    • What team synergy is and how its developed

    • Common ways other roles interact with the ADC role to benefit both players

    • How to better facilitate team plays with your personal decisions

  • Teamfighting

    Lesson 8

    Sneaky teaches you the key principles he applies in teamfights to achieve success, answering the follow questions:

    • What is my primary goal as ADC in fights?

    • How do I decide where to position myself and when should I be following up on my teammates?

    • When should I hold my abilities or use them?

    • How can I prevent the fed champions on the enemy team from 1 shotting me?

  • Adaptation

    Lesson 9

    Sneaky teaches you his thought process on how to approach fundamental changes in League of Legends. He covers:

    • The benefits of understanding how other types of characters function

    • The lifecycle of patches and how a shifting meta forces adaptation

    • How you can use VODs from professional play to learn new strategies and evaluate your own gameplay.

  • Ranked Advice & Mentality

    Sneaky explains his mentality behind consistently climbing to the highest ranks, covering:

    • His recommended approach for diversifying your champion pool

    • How you can use information available to you in draft to form a game plan

    • The importance of playing with purpose and handling tilt

    • The differences between solo queue and competitive play