FalleN Teaches In Game Leadership

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12 Video lessons

FalleN Teaches In Game Leadership

Public release date: 11/14/22

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo is one of the godfathers of Counter-Strike. His countless 1st place trophies have established his reputation as one of the best awpers and IGL's in CS:GO history. In this course, he'll teach you the mechanics, skills, and strategies it takes to lead your team to victory.

  • Meet Your Coach: FalleN

    Learn about Fallen’s storied career, including:

    • His esports origin in Brazil

    • The inspiration for creating his gaming organization Games Academy

    • The progression of competing in regional and international tournaments

    • Challenges he faced and the legacy he wants to leave behind in CS:GO

  • In-Game Settings

    FalleN gives his thoughts on key in-game settings for CS:GO, touching on:

    • His preferred mouse/hand positioning.

    • Optimal game settings that can affect your gameplay.

    • The value of using special key bindings and macro keys on your mouse.

    • Fallen’s personal mouse sensitivity

    • His warmup routine and preferred game modes to practice in

  • In Game Leadership

    FalleN explains the importance of having an in-game leader and what they bring to the table by:

    • Giving you an understanding of what are the real values in-game and how it helps to get objectives.

    • Having responsibility for guiding the team.

    • Putting your team on the same page.

    • Having someone vocal to bring up team communication.

  • Aim

    Lesson 4

    FalleN teaches you how to improve your aim by:

    • Testing out different settings to find a mouse sensitivity that suits you.

    • Weighing the pros and cons of high and low mouse sensitivity.

    • Thinking more critically about how your movement impacts your ability to hit shots.

    • Understanding weapon recoil and how important it is to master it.

  • Movement and Positioning

    FalleN teaches you how your movement can impact your game, covering topics such as:

    • The benefits and setbacks of crouching.

    • The value of resetting your position.

    • How being patient can help you to collect information.

    • Understanding what your priority is in your current position.

    • “Right eye” component and how it can give you an advantage.

  • AWP'ing Advice

    Get valuable advice on AWPing from one of the greatest AWPers of all time, including:

    • How to control a certain part of the map with an AWP.

    • How to contest information.

    • Understanding when you should be finding kills or holding a position.

    • Rotating without giving your position up.

  • Understanding Your Role

    In this team-focused lesson, FalleN teaches you:

    • The distribution of roles in CS:GO.

    • What each role does and what your goals are for certain roles.

    • To understand the functions of your role as both terrorist and counter-terrorist.

    • How your role can change responsibilities in a given situation.

  • Economy Management

    In this lesson, you will learn the values of managing your economy by:

    • Buying based on your team's economy.

    • Understanding how the meta shifts and how it impacts your usual buys.

    • Thinking about your next round purchase if you lose the current round.

    • Saving your purchases and avoiding death in near-impossible scenarios.

    • Eliminating an enemy with a high-value purchase when you’re on eco to damage their economy.

  • Grenade Usage

    FalleN discusses various ways to use grenades and how they can elevate your game by:

    • Showing you pro strategies.

    • Teaching you how to control the map with grenades.

    • Timing your grenade usage to help create openings.

    • Giving examples of how to use your grenades efficiently.

    • Showing you some basic grenade lineups and how valuable it can be for you to learn them for every map.

  • Communication

    Lesson 10

    FalleN teaches you different ways of getting your communication game one step ahead by:

    • Avoiding emotional outbursts and keeping a cool head.

    • Keeping communication game-relevant during live rounds.

    • Making your communication as quick and concise as possible.

    • Communicating your intentions and movement to allow teammates to assist you.

    • Leading your teammates to the next move with the information you’ve gathered.

  • Shotcalling

    Lesson 11

    FalleN teaches you different ways to improve your shotcalling by:

    • Gathering information and analyzing what the enemy team is thinking.

    • Getting a sense of how the enemies are using their utility, to inform your decisions.

    • Learning important parts of each map and how to contest them.

    • Understanding the meta.

    • Showing you an example of how to assess a given situation.

  • Reviewing Your Own Gameplay

    FalleN teaches you the value of looking back on your own gameplay by:

    • Helping you identify things you might have missed and any bad habits you can correct

    • Finding opportunities that you might’ve missed out on.

    • Asking yourself how your current situation is helping your team.

    • His take on comparing his gameplay to other pro players.