ScreaM Teaches The Duelist Class

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9 Video lessons

ScreaM Teaches The Duelist Class

Public release date: 11/14/22

Known as "The Headshot Machine" from his legendary career in CS:GO, ScreaM is one of the greatest mechanical players in Valorant. In this Duelist course, he'll show you how to control clutch situations, gain advantages in your duels, and utilize your team to succeed as an entry fragger.

  • The Duelist Class

    ScreaM breaks down the duelist role by highlighting:

    • The characteristics and nuances of playing duelist agents

    • How an agent’s kit and abilities affect their ideal playstyle

    • The importance of team synergy between duelists and the other roles on a team

  • Warmup Routine

    ScreaM shows you his personal approach to warming up and covers:

    • ScreaM’s mouse grip and the advantages/disadvantages of various grips

    • His recommended Aim Lab tasks across different aiming techniques

    • Various warmup exercises you can do in the Valorant practice mode

    • How to transition from warming up to Valorant

  • Aim & Crosshair Placement

    ScreaM teaches you some of the secrets that earned him the title “Headshot Machine”, including:

    • Fundamental knowledge for tactical shooters like Valorant and CS:GO

    • The different scenarios in which you’ll encounter enemies in Valorant

    • How to navigate peeking new angles

    • ScreaM’s take on buying the Phantom or Vandal

  • The Clutch Factor

    ScreaM goes over key concepts that can improve your odds in clutch situations including:

    • How ScreaM thinks about and handles high-pressure situations

    • ScreaM’s advice for winning numbers disadvantaged situations

    • The importance of calculated risk-taking during clutches

    • In-depth breakdowns of ScreaM playing clutch situations as a duelist agent

  • Adaptation

    Lesson 5

    ScreaM teaches you the importance of staying adaptable throughout a round, by covering:

    • Ways the best players contribute to their team’s odds of winning a round

    • The importance of predictive thinking which can allow you to stay a step ahead of your opponents

    • The importance of factoring in both allies and enemies into your plays

    • The important distinction between strategy and mechanical skill

  • Ability Usage

    ScreaM teaches you how duelists can utilize their abilities to have the greatest impact on the game by:

    • Prioritizing ways to put yourself in the best possible position

    • Highlighting how your goals as a Duelist may change on attackers vs. defenders side

    • Offering an in-depth breakdown of how ScreaM uses certain Duelist abilities

    • Making it as hard as possible for the enemy team to kill you

  • Entry Fragging

    ScreaM lays out tips for being an effective entry fragger for your team, including:

    • How to play around support utility and maximize your odds of taking winning fights

    • The mentality required to entry frag properly

    • The importance of taking space and securing specific areas for your team

    • Why duelists shouldn’t rely only on their aim to entry frag

  • Lurking and Flanking

    ScreaM defines the Lurking & Flanking roles within a round and teaches you how to implement these playstyles by covering:

    • What lurking is and when it should be utilized

    • The importance of achieving good timing when trying to set up lurks or flanks

    • The two primary ways lurkers should contribute to winning a round for their team

    • Tips for maximizing your effectiveness as a lurker

  • Mentality

    Lesson 9

    ScreaM goes over aspects of player mentality that can help you grow as a player, including:

    • The importance of constantly questioning your mistakes and seeking answers

    • Being consistent and intentional with your practice

    • The way tilt impacts your play and slows down your learning

    • How playing with better players improves the pace of your learning

    • The role coaches can play in facilitating your development