Xmithie Teaches Pro Competitive Jungling

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Lesson 10

Xmithie breaks down core concepts such as:

  • Understanding your champions playstyle and knowing when to teamfight

  • How to keep track of enemies and how to protect your teammates

  • The importance of adapting to your win conditions

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Aimlabs Challenge

In this lesson, Xmithie explained how top-level junglers recognize their win conditions and adapt the way they teamfight based on their teammates and the game state. Before any major teamfights in your games this week, take stock of who is fed on both teams to help you determine what you should be doing in teamfights. This might change based on what type of jungler you’re playing, but in general could lead to you deciding to peel more or coordinate with a team to dive/eliminate a key enemy target.


Meet Your Coach: Xmithie
Lesson 1

Xmithie talks about how he started his professional career and touches on:

  • How the game evolved through time and how the pro scene changed

  • His first experience coming into a big stage

  • His qualification to the first LCS ever

  • How his family supported him and how important it was to him

Jungle Fundamentals
Lesson 2

Xmithie breaks down core Jungle concepts including:

  • Jungle Champion archetypes and their goals

  • How to analyze lane states to help you “predict the future”

  • The importance of practicing and optimizing your Jungle clear

  • What to look at on the map to help you keep tabs on the enemy Jungler

  • The importance of warning your teammates of incoming gank windows

Ranked Jungling
Lesson 3

Xmithie offers his advice on climbing the ranked ladder as a jungler, exploring topics such as:

  • How jungling in solo/duo queue differs from competitive environments

  • The importance of having an early game impact for a jungler in ranked play

  • How to optimize your champion pool for ranked

  • Ways to think about balancing farm vs. ganking and being as efficient as possible

  • What Xmithie has noticed that differentiates lower level players from higher level players

Jungle Pathing
Lesson 4

Xmithie breaks down important Jungle factors during the early game such as:

  • Level 1 strategies and how to decide your end goal with pathing

  • How draft and in-game lane pressure should affect your decision making

  • When and how to counter gank to keep your laners safe

  • Understanding the difference in farming vs ganking Jungle champions

Top Lane Gank Paths
Lesson 5

Xmithie teaches you how to apply pressure in the top lane by helping you:

  • Learn different and less predictable gank paths

  • Recognize the most commonly warded areas of the map and lanes

  • How to control vision and track the enemy jungler to help your top laner avoid ganks

  • Understand the importance of avoiding vision when ganking

Bot Lane Gank Paths
Lesson 6

With 4 champions on a single lane there are higher risks and rewards. In this segment, Xmithie teaches you about different ways of getting your bot lane ahead with:

  • Teaching you different ways of creating ganks to Bot lane

  • Helping out your bot lane to recognize dangerous situations

  • Shadowing your Bot lane to keep them safe

Mid Lane Gank Paths
Lesson 7

Xmithie reveals his approach to ganking mid lane, including:

  • Some of the most common Mid lane mistakes and how to abuse them

  • How to control a certain side of the map with the pressure of your Mid laner

  • How to avoid getting spotted by wards and the most common Mid lane ward spots

Mid to Late Game Jungling
Lesson 8

Xmithie teaches you how to transition from your mid game to the late game by:

  • Getting vision control of the map

  • Helping you understand the importance of Jungle/Support synergy

  • Teaching you how to pick off key members of the enemy team

  • Punish enemy laners by recognizing when they’re overextended

  • Denying enemy Jungle camps by tracking enemy champions and pressuring your stronger areas of the map

Objective Control
Lesson 9

Xmithie discusses different ways to help you control and secure objectives by:

  • Teaching you the values of creating proper vision control around objectives

  • Helping you understand how important it is to respect enemy vision during key windows

  • Highlighting when to give up hopelessly lost objectives in favor of creating plays on other parts of the map

  • Explaining how to create key picks on enemy champions before objectives

Lesson 10

Xmithie breaks down core concepts such as:

  • Understanding your champions playstyle and knowing when to teamfight

  • How to keep track of enemies and how to protect your teammates

  • The importance of adapting to your win conditions

Lesson 11

Xmithie discusses the importance of being a leader and teaches you about:

  • His experience leading top teams in the LCS and at Worlds

  • How good communication can dramatically impact teams in competitive play

  • Different ways you can work with your team during your own games

Practice and Mentality
Lesson 12

Xmithie discusses the mentality that allowed him to excel in pro play, including topics such as:

  • The importance of constantly trying to improve and critiquing his own plays whenever possible

  • What kind of mistakes to look for in solo queue and competitive environments

  • The value of analyzing your own games and VODs

  • Being openminded to outside perspectives and being willing to implement them